Recent studies have shown that up to 80% of the people in urban areas search for information on a treatment/procedure, doctor, or clinic/hospital ONLINE before choosing one. This shows the increasing importance of digital marketing in healthcare.

With the availability of free and vast information on the internet, patients these days want to make informed choices and choose the best service provider available. This is no different for doctors or their clinics. Attracting new patients and engaging the existing ones nowadays prove to be a difficult task without the acceptance of digitalisation and digital marketing.

Few approaches to improve social media presence and increase your brand value include:

Website creation
This is a primary need for initiating digital marketing. Creating a user-friendly, informative site can boost your brand name significantly.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):
All of us usually tend to register the first few options that are displayed to us when we search for something on Google or other search engines. This includes the publication of social media posts that encompass the topics of popular public interest in your chosen field.
Publication of reviews, patient feedback, and testimonials go a long way in creating an impact and attracting new clientele.

Social media presence:
With more people using social media daily, the need to show some presence in these sites becomes a prime player in the service industry. In healthcare, posting informative content to spread awareness and improve public health, in general, can attract a lot of following and give you and your clinic the necessary marketing.
Presently, paid partnerships have proven to be one of the most successful ways to get noticed when done with adequate research.

Personalised content:

Using SMSs, emails, and messages on apps like Whatsapp to provide personalised information or reminders of appointments, offers, new additions to the clinic, etc. increase the loyalty of existing patients. It also improves communication and facilitates a way to get more patients or contact through positive referrals.

Constantly upgrade your strategy:
The best part of digital marketing is the ability to look at figures and statistics. This helps in the evidence-based analysis of different parameters and a chance to keep evolving as new trends emerge.
If a particular post, video, message, or topic is garnering more interest and approval from the viewers, the best strategy would be to post more information and content on these topics.

Therefore, due to the versatility and widespread success of these digital marketing strategies, failure to engage in these might not be useful for your practice. Adequate research on trending topics, identifying the target audience, creating a good website, sharing useful content, and engaging with your audience are the ultimate ways to achieve digital marketing success in your clinical practice.
Doctors however understandably focus on achieving clinical excellence and do not always have the time or expertise to engage in other technical aspects such as digital marketing. This is where an IT partner like Curie comes into play. Our digital marketing experts know exactly how to give you that push you need online and get your brand noticed by more viewers.

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