If you remember the story of Joan of Arc and how she heard voices leading her in the direction of her destiny, then perhaps you maybe thought that she was special. In reality, we all hear voices or spirit guides directing our footsteps. It is in learning how to distinguish these voices from our own or others that we may begin to learn about what our important mission is while here.

Psychic Meditation

If your mind is too restless, it is hard to tell what voices are which and it can be confusing. This is where meditation is essential in everyday life. Begin each day with a simple 15 minute meditation paired with exercise and you will be well on your way to realizing the voices of the spirit guides.

Meditation doesnt have to take hours; it may even be for just 5 minutes with a great hypnosis MP3. Any type of deep breathing technique is useful in practicing meditation. The point is to get to the shift in consciousness. The place where you can feel like you can breathe better and your mind is clear.

Hearing Spirit Guides

Once this place is reached, it is easier to hear the spirit guides. All you have to do is listen to them call your name or ask a question and listen for the response. At this point, loosen up and the first thing that pops into your mind will be the answer. It could be in the form of talking, pictures, feelings, or even smells. There is a range of communication that the other side uses to speak to us.

Psychic Energy of the Guides and Action

Once you make contact with your spirit guides, you may feel so much better, like more energy has just entered into your field of space. Capitalize on this and act upon the information given to you. It could be all kinds of ideas or inventions, information that you need to write down for future use, or something that you need to do for someone. Everything that the spirit guides give to you is useful and beneficial to your life.

As you get more accustomed to practicing speaking to your spirit guides daily, it will be easier each day to make contact. You may find that everyday holds something new for you when you start acting upon the advice that they give to you. Putting this advice to use in your life will lead you to great things along your path.

Accepting meditation everyday for at least 5 minutes will awake you to the possibilities of the spirit guides. It is best if you contact them from the same place in your home each day since this opens a doorway in the area. The first step is essential to starting to contact the spirit guides. Why miss the opportunity? Everyone can contact them since every person has them. Joan of Arc may have had a special duty to perform, but we do also everyday. Find out what that task is by starting meditation (and exercise) today to contact your spirit guides.

Author's Bio: 

Jackie Williams has worked for as a manager overlooking the talent department for a prominent new age communications company. Later as the internet developed, she diversified her recruitment specialty to server global clients for a internet based spiritual network.
She attained her Master of Arts in Anthropology from Northern Arizona University and her BA from Hunter College.