Announces the 2011 Annual Christ-centered Addiction Professionals Conference to be held from Friday, September 30th TO Sunday, October 2nd at the Hotel Zoos in beautiful Palm Springs.

The Dick B. Address on October 2, 2011
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• The Growing Christian Recovery Movement and the Role ACADC Institute can play

The opportunity for our pervasive, informative, Christian Recovery Movement is now!

International Christian Recovery Coalition is adding daily the participants who, at
no cost to themselves, are listing themselves in this world-wide fellowship

Conferences, talks, and interchange among Christian recovery leaders of all stripes
are becoming commonplace – as evidenced at our recent summit conferences
in Costa Mesa and Brentwood, California where panelists and speakers came
from California, Hawaii, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, South Carolina, and Delaware to share what they do and fellowship with each other.

• A regular radio, webinar, skype, YouTube, podcast, and other media outreach will
soon enable information interviews of and talks by Christian recovery counselors, clergy, and recovery pastors; leaders of Christian recovery fellowships; owners and directors of Christian recovery treatment programs, interventions, detox facilities, after-care, and sober living programs; Christian chaplains, community resource outreach, prison and re-entry outreach, veterans outreach, codependency outreach, hospital outreach, at-risk populations outreach, homeless outreach, food, clothing, and shelter outreach; experienced and long-clean and sober 12 Step leaders; Bridge organizations; members of the International Christian Recovery Coalition Speakers Bureaus; leaders of libraries, archives, and memorial collections.

• The newest programs and projects of International Christian Recovery Coalition can and will enhance the Christian Recovery Movement growth. And these include:

Revival of understanding and importance of the Alcoholics Anonymous First Edition;
the Original Printer’s Manuscript which shows the changes in A.A. of 1939;
the new Dover Publications reprint of the 1st edition, with all the previously
removed personal stories, the original ideas, and the Dick B. introduction; and
a work in progress that will soon be a First Edition Sponsor Guide.
More conferences, seminars, and resource materials
Publishing our materials in print-on-demand, electronic, and web-wide forms—materials
such as The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide and The Dick B. Christian
Recovery Resource Center Handbook
Expansion of the number of participants in the International Christian Recovery Speakers

• Preparing as many as possible introductions, forewords, and appendices for each Alcoholics Anonymous, substance abuse, treatment, counseling, and Christian recovery history guide book, workbook, text, and article. Our role would be to encourage writers and publishers to begin their recovery items with accurate history of the real origins, principles, and practices of the Christian Recovery Movement and how to apply them today in whatever Christian recovery program or A.A. History work is undertaken.

• Stressing, encouraging, expanding, and establishing Christian Recovery Resource Centers for entities and individuals world-wide. This so that each and every Christian recovery endeavor is also able to provide or steer alcoholics and addicts to reliable resources incorporating the role of God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible in the origins.

The needed expansion of this collaborative effort includes the following: Assessment
and qualification of both affected and afflicted persons; providing comprehensive resource information; Intervention, Counseling, Detox; Christian treatment that includes or refers to detox; counseling, family, children, and co-dependency facilities; Teaching about Christian healing, prayer, forgiveness, guidance, deliverance, Bible study, Quiet Time, Fellowship, Salvation, and the importance of God’s Word; Fellowships, 12 Step Groups, Teen Challenge, Missions, YWAM, Celebrate Recovery, alumni, after-care, and senior fellowships, transitional and sober housing; re-entry help as to veterans, military, and correctional release; abandonment, youth, senior, family, medical, homeless, at risk and chaplaincies; community recovery resources including churches, food, shelter, housing, clothing, medical help, mental health welfare, unemployment, job training, education, wholesome recreation options, wholesome music, theater, teaching, sports, community volunteer, services such as Big Brother, and business or union or trade groups.

• Holding Renewal Conferences among leaders to discuss and improve: sponsorship,
counseling, treatment; prayer-Bible study-healing-Quiet Time activities; study groups; 12-Step history, A.A. history, and Christian Recovery Movement resources, guides, and programs; Bridge groups and Christ-centered fellowship effectiveness; counselor training and certification, training the trainers, literature resources and recommendations; long-term Christian residential recovery treatment such as CityTeam, Teen Challenge, and similar long-term Christian residential recovery programs.

• These foregoing suggested efforts—(1) Media Christian Recovery presentations; (2) Christian Recovery Resource Centers and Persons (3) Expansion of International Christian Recovery Coalition participant listings. (4) Enabling us as consultants only to help introduce and write for and with you accurate descriptive forewords and introductions to books, articles, guides, workbooks, and web presentations of your programs; and (5) Renewal conferences and Bureau Speakers who can inform you—can go far in helping the growth, effectiveness, networking, information exchange, and program enhancement of ACADC Institute, Christian counselors, Christian treatment programs, Christian recovery fellowships, and community recovery outreach by Christians.

For further information, assistance, counsel, and resources, please contact my son Ken or myself at 808 276 4945,, and PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837

Author's Bio: 

Writer, Historian, retired attorney, Bible student, CDAAC, and active recovered AA with over 25 years of continuous sobriety. Published 42 titles and over 675 articles on the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Christian Recovery Movement