As I sit in the airport on a flight delay, after bemoaning the fact that I need to sit around for what seems one million hours, I think back...

I've been planning this trip for months now. I'm studying with a lovely British Medium, Mavis Pittilla, who is an older woman teaching out of the Arthur Findley College in Stansted, England. It's quite an odd thing... Whenever I seek a teacher or mentor, invariably they become available to me. Mavis Pittilla is actually coming to the states, and while traveling to England would be great, it's also nice her being closer.

Here's the kicker... This morning as I was leaving the driveway I felt what I call the "heeby-jeebies". I mentally went over my list of must haves and I knew my pre-trip planning was in order. So what was it that made me feel ill at ease? I have to admit that I listen to this sixth sense that comes over me (as you should too!). You know, that gut instinct you get when something just doesn't sit right? So, by the time I was about 5 miles from my home, I began to feel comfortable.

Was I intuiting the 6-hour delay or could it have been that the flight cancellation actually saved all those who would have been on board? As mammals, we all possess that gut instinct, sixth sense or clairsentience. No matter what you call it, I guarantee that it's ALWAYS correct - 100% of the time!

So, as I sit here eating a nice salad at Andiamo's in the airport, I wonder how many lives were saved. How many people will live to see another day with their loved ones on the other end of their journey, and the direction God chooses to send us. Well, it ended up that I spent a total of twelve hours in the airport for nothing. Two flights, innumerable delays, all ended in flight cancellations. How did I spend my time? Well, I now know that the MacNamara terminal of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport is pretty darn cool! My normal routine is to get to the airport, wait for boarding and off I go! Pretty normal, right? However, when was the last time YOU had an excursion through the airport? On my trek through the maze of animals – er, people, I found that there’s a lovely health food deli/store called Plum Market that sells all sorts of yummy goodies. There’s also a great service provider, Be Relax, that offers spa services. I’m talking mani/pedi, partial and full body massages, etc. Seriously, what better way to while away the hours during a flight delay? I simply HAD to get a pedi – how could I resist?

After a long day, I’m returning to the airport tomorrow in the hopes I finally get to my destination. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. After all, it's up to us to make the most of an unexpected situation or delay, whether we see it as an inconvenience, a reprieve or a much-needed rest. In any of these options we must always know that we're where we're supposed to be, experiencing what we're supposed to experience, and in all things, we're to learn, grow and be grateful. Quite possibly, the delays in your life are God’s way of saying, “Hold Your Horses!”

© 2017 Lisa Bousson

Author's Bio: 

Experiencing paranormal and spiritual phenomenon for more than five decades, Lisa began seeing spirit at the young age of four years. Around the age of six, Lisa knew there was more to this world than what we see in the here and now. Information was imparted to Lisa about living multiple lifetimes and thus began her deeper understanding of the spiritual realm, reincarnation, and the possibility of communication with those in-between lives.

Today, Lisa’s communication with departed loved ones and ancestors have touched thousands of people worldwide. Lisa is a Survival Evidence Medium, meaning she is able to bridge the gap between that of the living and the dead by providing evidential proof of life after death via detailed messages and proven facts.

Lisa’s written works have been featured on websites, in print magazines, and her own personal blog. Her first book, The Lessons of Jesus Christ, was published in 2013. Her book, The Visible Energy Around Us: A 4 Week Guide to Reading the Aura is a self-study class you can take at your own pace. Two more books are in the works; From His Lips: 365 Daily Devotions from Jesus Christ and Tracking; Following Your Loved One’s Passage to Heaven.

Lisa has made appearances on television and radio, hosted her own shows on CBS and Blog Talk Radio, and won the American 2014 Best Psychic award. Lisa works with various law enforcement agencies throughout the country as an advisor on missing persons and criminal cases, teaches spiritual development classes, inspirationally speaks and holds public Spirit Galleries nationwide. Lisa is a certified Spiritualist Healer, Reiki Master, Certified Spiritualist Medium, Certified Psychic Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences from The University of Sedona.

Lisa also presents at a multitude of Spiritual, Metaphysical and Consciousness events. Her sense of humor as well as her vast knowledge of the subject matter make her an internationally sought after speaker, presenter and instructor.

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