These days, it’s not all too uncommon to find girls coming up with the most creative ways to ask a boy out. No longer do they have to wait for a guy to call or for someone to ask them out.

Thanks to various feminist movements over the years, women are now more empowered and are going after what they want (or in this case, who they want).

You, too, can try these creative ways to ask a boy out. Read on to find out how!

Tip # 1: Use Social Media.

Thanks to technology, you can now send your messages directly to the guy you like. And with social media, it’s not too difficult to do that anymore.

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, then the person you want to ask out probably has one as well. Why don’t you take advantage of this and ask him out via Facebook?

From his account alone, you at least have an idea of what he enjoys doing and who he hangs out with.

Tip # 2: Assign Him A Specific Ring Back Message.

One of the more creative ways to ask a boy out is to come up with a specialized ring back tone he can listen to whenever he calls you.

One girl did this by recording a customer service type of message that went like this: “You have reached (your name). If you know the extension number, please dial it now. Otherwise, press one if you want to ask her out for dinner; press two if you want to send her a bouquet of flowers; press three if you want to pay her a visit.”

Tip # 3: Make Him Answer A Survey.

Women who come up with creative ways to ask a boy out know that nothing is ever certain. However, since they are willing to take a chance for what could turn out to be a wonderful relationship, they end up reaping the best results.

One girl had the idea to pose a survey questionnaire to the guy she liked. The questions were supposedly about the perfect date; but at the end of the questionnaire, there was a question, “Will you go out with me this weekend? Yes or No.” Needless to say, this girl got her date.

These are just some of the creative ways to ask a boy out. As you gain more confidence, you will surely have a few more to add to this list.

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