Creative Driven Life
Creative Driven Life what does that mean? I believe it means the life that we all were looking for and the reason we came to Neothink. A life without mysticism, a life driven by creativity, a life driven by integrations.
The question is why aren’t we living this life? I believe part of it is that we are letting the Anti-Civilization world still control our lives. Since we are still living in the AC world it is hard for us not to be effected but it is up to us on how much they still control us. It is up to us to take charge and limit the time that the AC world is in our lives. How do we do this? As you heard many times before one step at a time. I am sure most of us has had at least one 10 second miracle and when that happen what state of mind were you in at that time? A mystic free mind, a mind with no mysticisms, imagine that when we think with integrations, putting the pieces of the puzzle together at that time we are God-Men, we are using our thoughts, our imagination, and our dreams, we are in our essence. Now the big question is how did you feel at that time? Go ahead think on those feelings when you were having your 10 second miracle, you ah-ah moment. Those moments gave us a feeling we never had before, that bliss, the freedom, joy, the power and many other feeling we just never experience, all at the same time. The point that I am trying to make here is when you feel that the AC is taking over your life, why don’t you think back and experience again those feelings? Make it a habit to do every time that happens but each time try to realize it quicker than the last. You must focus more and more on you and your life. We have all come so far it would be foolish to stop now, we are so close, we have knock down so many barriers. Another question, when was your last breakthrough?
I think mainly what stops most of us are the two biggest mysticisms Gov’t and Church. They are responsible for us having mysticism in the first place, they are one hell of an own-two-punch, what one doesn’t cover in mysticism the other does. They are a perfect team. What good have they done for our lives? The gov’t limits us on our imagination and the church wants our soul, for only one reason control. Does any of this make sense to you? Where is the logic? If they were right then why are you here? If they were right than why do you still believe that the gov’t should control us and why do you still believe in Church and that a preacher or a priest, or a minister has your best interest at heart and that they know what is best for you?

All of us should be past this by now, but it is obvious that some of us are not. I want you to think about reason, about common sense, rationality. Is there any of this left out in this AC world? Is there any of this out there at all? Besides in the literature where else do you hear about Reason and logic? When we had those moments of thrill, when we experience those feelings of accomplishment, wasn’t the joy of life the highest you ever felt and imagine? Imagine living that way every day all day forever. Can the Gov’t and Church give you that?
None of us knows exactly how it will feel in the C of U. I imagine it every day but I don’t know exactly how it would feel. Do you take time each time and think about living in the C of U? If not, Why not? That is how you start taking control over your life. This is how you start living a Creative Driven Life. Every minute that you can be in the C of U it will move you closer to being a God-Man. Everyday strive to get a few more minutes in the C of U.
Imagine how you would feel living that kind of life. See yourself living in your dream house. Your spouse or lover or partner is with you and the two of you are so happy like never before. Every day is a joy being with them. Imagine living your essence, loving what you do, creating for society, you never get tired or bore doing your essence, your mind just keeps on going, thinking and thinking and you are having a blast with all of the thoughts that you are having. Yes, you would feel like that. Money is no problem, you really don’t think about it that much in the C of U. It’s only value buying things other than that you are too busy thinking about your life, your family and your creations.
That is what the logical world looks like, the world with no mysticisms, the world that just makes sense, it is time for this planet to join the rest of the universe and to live the Universal Life, being in touch with everyone and everything in the universe. A world based on True Love and True Honesty, something that the Gov’t and Church will never give you.

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