Patients are often sensitive about their bodies. Because they have been through medication and oftentimes treatments that have involved decreasing the body’s tolerance to pain, the slightest of the pain can result in the body thinking it’s a lot of pain. To counter this issue, craniosacral therapy has been invented.

Craniosacral therapy is a form of bodywork or alternative therapy that gently touches the several joints of the cranium.

Here are some of the uses and benefits of this therapy:

Improved nervous system

This type of therapy has been used to treat a variety of psychological conditions, and ultimately results in an improved nervous system. Some of the issues related to the nervous system include relief in pain, as well as much better mobility because the body can process information much more clearly, and can easily move around even with many psychological issues. There are a lot of diseases where craniosacral therapy has been listed as suitable as treatments like Alzheimer’s disease, autism, brain injuries as well as dementia and other issues related to stress. Soldiers who come back from war are often suggested to do craniosacral therapy to deal with their PTSD issues.

Deals with constipation and IBS

People who are suffering from digestion issues like constipation or IBS are oftentimes advised to do craniosacral therapy. This is because craniosacral therapy can help relieve a lot of the different joints of the body, and allow for a much stronger metabolism. Patients who were originally suffering from malnutrition or inability to digest more because of conditions, oftentimes enjoy a much better digestion system and lifestyle. If you wish to find more information about it, visit for a much more detailed analysis.

Better sleep cycle

Most patients suffer from insomnia or inability to sleep during the night but only during the day time. This is because their sleep schedule has been disturbed by the various diseases that are plaguing them. CST (CranioSacral Therapy) can deal with this issue by ensuring that your body performs all the several functions. Patients enjoy a much better sleep cycle and oftentimes feel much more relaxed 2 days after the therapy is done.

It is to be noted that patients may experience mild discomfort for the next 24 hours after the therapy.

Fix mood swings

Patients who are suffering from mood swings because they have been bottling them all up will experience much better mood stability because of this issue. Some patients don’t like to worry about their loved ones too much and keep their anxiety and depression-related issues bottled up inside their heads. This can result in some severe side effects. It has been noted that during the therapy, some people oftentimes show their emotions, resulting in a safety valve for those bottled up emotions. This will ultimately result in the fixing of the mood swings that most patients undergo during their treatments.


There is a lot of information that shows that CST has been recommended to many patients around the globe and that most patients enjoy a much better and stable lifestyle.

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