Covert persuasion techniques are one of the most powerful sales and motivation methods you can learn. By using them, you're able to place an idea inside the mind of a person - such as the desire to buy your product or sign up with your MLM business - while convincing them that it was their idea rather than yours.

Using Covert Persuasion Techniques In Selling Or Marketing

Say you are trying to sell a particular product or service. Instead of beginning with a sales pitch for your product, you engage your prospect in a conversation about what they need.

Once you know what their need is, you can start by telling them that you had the same problem, and then tell them how you solved it using the product that you are selling.

Here's an important thing to remember when using covert persuasion tactics: Don't focus on the merits of the product, but rather on how the product can help meet the prospect's need or solve their problem.

Be sincere when you are telling them how the product helped you. And even if they are not yet responsive, never contradict them or tell them they are wrong.

Using Covert Persuasion Techniques In Motivating People

To motivate people, begin by presenting the objective to be met and the timeframe in which it has to be accomplished, and then plant a seed of encouragement in the person's mind.

You can tell them, for instance, "I know that you are a good worker who can complete this task in a week." By doing this, you are placing the idea in their head that they can meet the objective by the stated deadline.

Keep in mind that the secret of effective covert persuasion techniques lies in the perception that you are not overtly selling to them or ordering to do a particular task, but engaging them in a conversation in which what you are asking them to do is for their own benefit, rather than yours; and most importantly, that it was their own idea.

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