Why is it that we always seem to learn the greatest lessons through pain and heartache? When has anyone learned or retained a lesson’s meaning during a happy time?

We do recognize those wonderful times in our lives with gratitude and appreciation, but those “happy” feelings are fleeting. How quickly we forget, huh? We don’t truly “remember” those times as much or as profoundly as we do the memories that are riddled with pain and angst. Why is that?

Well, let’s take a look at it. When we are happy we don’t seem to obsess about said happiness. We live in the moment, we allow it to envelope us like a warm blanket and we accept the moment with a welcoming embrace. However, when we are met with a challenge, pain, tears, or turmoil we tend to obsess over it, trying desperately to “get out of that moment” and fix it or quickly abandon those feelings. We don’t want to feel bad. We don’t like pain. We do everything we can to avoid it and evade it, and by doing so our focus becomes all about THAT moment. So, we retain it. We remember it fiercely and with great clarity. I bet each person reading this can tell me what color shirt they were wearing the first time their heart was broken, but they can’t tell me what color their shirt was the first time someone gave them a compliment, or the first time someone said a romantic “I love you”.

When we have an altercation, disagreement, or argument, we can remember with fine tune clarity the foul things that are said to us, or the anger that wells within when someone says something offensive or insulting. We think about it over and over and even years later it can bring a grimace to your face.

What seems to happen when we experience pain and turmoil, and obsess about it is we retain everything about it. We’ve analyzed the situation over and over coming up with new answers to our own internal questions, trying to work out a “game plan” and even anticipating or next move. It’s like an intricate game of chess and we must compartmentalize our feelings, thoughts and actions. It becomes a three step process dissecting it into the smallest of details, thereby seeing what needs to be done, or learning through trial and error what worked and what didn’t.

But, let’s look at heartache. Heartache is one of the biggest emotions that solicit change. What I mean by “change” is we either learn to work through the situation to attain a goal, or we learn that it’s time to walk away. We learn to self soothe. We learn compassion for others. We learn what it’s like to make choices, whether they are good, bad or indifferent. We learn how to heal, or we learn how to express or suppress anger. It’s through heartache that we gain wisdom.

Heartache assists us in learning WHO we are. HOW we deal with it. WHAT we can do. And WHERE we should be, or go. We don’t always follow our internal compass that leads us to the optimal place, but it’s through each heartache we experience that we fine tune our intuition and learn to listen to our guides.

In my own life, I’ve had the same things happen, or appear over and over again, and even someone such as myself, who has learned all the tools to bring happiness and joy in my life, I still miss the signs and I still have to ponder the lesson. I still question the god(s) with “Why me?” and I still obsess over a painful situation, and I consider myself quite in tune with my own intuition and internal compass, yet the message sometimes, is all but lost on me. I find, when I ignore those messages or lessons, the same situation arises. It may be with a different person, or a different situation, but the pain I feel, or the turmoil and confusion is all the same.

When a lesson, or situation is constantly returning to your life, it’s a clear indication that the lesson from previous situations was either not learned, or not recognized and dealt with. It’s what I call the “cleaning out the closet” syndrome. You cannot continue to pack things in an overstuffed and extremely unorganized closet and expect it to fit perfectly. There must be some cleaning and purging.

Spiritualists and Re-Incarnation experts tend to believe and educate that we will continue the lessons in THIS life that we did not complete or learn in the last life.

Psychiatric and Behavioral Specialists believe that all pain and stumbling blocks and how we deal with it has to do with conditioning in our childhood and adolescence.

I believe it’s a combination of both. I believe there are lessons, people, circumstances that we carry over from past and previous lives and bring into this life to recognize and clean up, and learn from, and through our childhood, the conditioning by our parents and society either gives us valuable tools that assist in us learning these past lessons quickly, or make us severely handicapped emotionally and mentally so we struggle.

In the months that follow, I will be offering a 6 week course, and even a weekly article dedicated to this particular topic, “The Wisdom of the Broken Heart”. And it will be a dramatic and extremely challenging course for the participant. There is a process here, and I will break it down in simplistic terms for now, and will get into this extensively when the course is being offered.

1. PAST LIFE REGRESSION AND ANALYSIS: This will be an in-depth intuitive profile of the past life lessons missed, or repeated. Why you did not retain them, and how you have chosen to avoid or evade them, thereby bringing them into this life.
(conducted by Azzrian)
In the past life regression portion of your six week journey we will unlock the past.

I will do a full past life regression on your behalf - a 150.00 value.

In the regression we will find the root source of your problems in your past lives that directly relate to obstacles in your path in this life.

We will unravel the ties that bind you to repeating past mistakes, find the hidden reasons for current life path fears, find what causes you pain, loss, suffering, sadness and misunderstandings in your life today.

Then we will discuss how to overcome those blockages so that we can free you from repeating the same path both in this life and lifetimes to come.

Not only do we discuss this but I will formulate a direct plan of action for you to undertake so that you have an active role in your release from these conflicts.

This portion of the journey involves email communication and an online live chat session to communicate with each other about the plan of action.

Email support is always provided.

Here is an outline of what will happen:

1. We will exchange emails with each other. We will address your current path and obstacles.

2. A past life reading will be done on your behalf.

3. You will receive your past life reading, have time to read it over and absorb it, then reply with any questions or comments. You will receive a reply from me and we will clear up any questions you may have.

4. I will study your past life regression and find the connections between your past lives and your current path. I will outline the course of action needed by you to understand, acknowledge, accept and let go of the past.

5. We will meet via live chat to discuss the regression and all of its connections, meanings, and reasonings. We will have time to address any remaining questions and fears. We will discuss your course of action and you will be given a clear understanding of what you need to do.

6. You will go forward to carry out your plan of action and prepare for the next step in this journey.


2. Behavioral Conditioning (conducted by Ms LisaM): How your childhood has hindered or helped in the way you process information and your actions (or reactions) to situations, trauma, or negativity thereby becoming an obstacle in your life and relationships.

3. Lesson Plans: Designed for each client which will start to re-condition you and assist you in learning new tools and methods that help you recognize sacred signs and messages that will detour a great many poor choices, mistakes and bad decision making.

4. Exercises and Affirmations: Which will re-ignite your own intuition, assisting you in bringing more joy and balance to your life.

5. Learning to Let Go Workshop: This will assist you and teach you the tools you need to stop obsessing, to learn how to have faith in yourself and remove self doubt which also includes self sabotage.

6. Weekly Chat: This is where we discuss as a group the roadblocks you are encountering as you progress forward with this 6 week course, because as we progress and as we clean out the closets, we will find more mess underneath each pile. You will be able to vent and to purge your frustration and even express your joy with others who are in the same boat as you and through discussing these things will learn more tools to assist in your spiritual evolution.

7. Weekly meditation sessions: We will personally design mediations for you that are specific to the lessons you need to learn and embrace. Each step is tailored to the individual client.

In learning how to listen to your own intuition and how to read “sacred signs” that the Universe/God/Goddess/Higher Power is delivering to you, it will, amazingly, teach you your next step, avoid pitfalls, learn to recognize what is the right path for you. You will no longer doubt what you say or do. It will empower you and support you and your own spirit.

The most detrimental aspect of a person’s character is self doubt. It makes us do the dumbest things, make the poorest choices and limits our joy. We all want abundance, prosperity, love and success, and we can all have it. But, first, we must recognize and acknowledge that which we have not completed, abandoned and given up on. We must stay diligent in our own spiritual path, and we must find a way to release the negative and bring about change in the direction of a successful life filled with more joy than you can imagine.

The more joy you exude the more joy and great, positive opportunity comes to you. It’s the “rich get richer, the poor get poorer” syndrome. When you shift, and change and flow with transition instead of fighting it, you will find you are going to attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

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