Hello every one and welcome to part 5 of my 7 part blog that looks at divorce with lots of common sense but with a spiritual aspect to it all.
Ok so now we are single and we shall treat this part as if we are now looking to hook up again, find a partner, lover or any other label you wish to put on it.
Before we move on I would like you to know that the label you choose in deciding what it is you want to find will have a huge impact on what you will actually experience in your life.
For instance if you are looking for a” lover” then your experience will be quite different to the experience you will have if you were looking for a “hook up”

The reason is when we choose to look for something in our lives that we think will help us in some way our body chemistry and our spiritual energy begin to form a partnership to make it manifest into the physical world. For this reason it’s important to know where your thoughts are at any given time. Remember what we think about most of the time is what tends to manifest into reality and the physical world as we know it. So to focus on anything in life will project the energy of its title according to what that title means to you in your heart felt emotion.

There is no point in trying to kid yourself or others by saying “I just want to hook up with some one” if in fact you truly want to have a loving relationship that could lead to a marriage or loving partnership.
You have to look for what it is that is congruent with both your heart and your thinking or mind-set.
Hence why choosing the correct title from the start is so important.
Be honest with yourself and look for what it is that you truly want.
This is a good start because there is a whole load of other obstacles to get over as you will see by reading on.

Depending on when you become single in your life will determine as to how you react to being single and alone. When you are between 20 and 30 its not quite so bad because life is still fast paced we are generally still full of hope, dreams desires and the hunger for experiences is still quite buoyant.
Being social is mostly normal and we are in contact with lots of different circles almost weekly. Between 30 and 40 the pace has slowed down quite considerably because it’s like most things in life, we tend to get accustomed to routine quite quickly and things that seemed fun 10 years ago can now feel awkward and even make us cringe and smile at some of the things we use to do.

At 40 to 50 it can actually be quite frightening because its easy to believe that we can never find any one else now because we are to old, or not as attractive as we were or even that the best years of your life have now gone and you have forgotten how to even approach the opposite sex with dating in mind.

So no matter what excuse you give yourself or what ever reason you think you have that will stop you from finding another partner is only true if you believe it.
That’s why any one at any age has to learn that our V/Bs (values and beliefs) determine what it is we pull towards us or push away in our lives.

I have spoken about these V/Bs in some of my other blogs simply because they are so important to all of us. Life coaches in particular are very good at bringing these out of us during the coaching sessions.

In part 6 of 7, I will write about on-line dating or internet dating.
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Hello to all you lovely people out there!
My name is Brian Allen,I am 47 years of age and since I can remember I have always wanted to be happy and have all those around me happy as well. But this was not the case for many, many years.

I have had a very varied and colourful life to say the least.
From the age of 13 I started to be controversial, unafraid, and outspoken at times. Nothing was too dangerous or beyond me. I had to be the one to do the " Dare " or be the first to jump in for the underdog. As long as it either brought me respect or earned me a laugh it was ok by me. I learnt to stand up for myself and since then, I have always done the same for people that were less confident than me, yes I was the one that would stick his nose in when others were too afraid for one reason or another.

This had been due to many factors that I will not go into, but I can tell you that due to being bullied at an early age, going to 14 different schools, and having a rough upbringing has had an big impact on my values, beliefs, and also me as well. I do not complain about any of these issues above as they are the very reasons for what and who I am today.

My main reason in my life now is to make I difference in other peoples lives, I have chosen coaching because in essence it is what I am all about. Through choosing this as my new profession I can both serve a purpose and make a humble living from it as well. My wish is to become so successful in the achievement in others that my practice increases ten fold. I hope that I resonate with you here and now and if so then it ' s ok for you to give me a call for a free 30 min consultation. Good Luck, God Bless.