White is considered a neutral colour. Red. Yellow. Orange. These are warm colours. Light blues, green. These are considered cold colours. Pink. This is a shade below red, yellow and light blue and a above blues and greens.Dark Blue - Black , -These are deep strong colours, the colours of business.
Now you’re probably thinking,
“Hey man, what’s this colour thing? Has this man lost the plot?? If a wanted a lesson on colour I’d join a photography class. I am perfectly sane think you very much. You should know me by now, I am building up to something important here.

Women take forever and a day to figure out what they plan to wear for an night out on the town don't they. Why? Because they are emotional creatures that’s why. Women readers are probably thinking there’s nothing wrong with that.
Ok, now combine colour to a woman’s shape and you will begin to understand why women dress the way they do.

A Woman Who Is At Ease With Her Figure Wears White

Confident women, by confident I mean women who are at ease with their figures, will wear white. Model Kate Moss and actress Nichole Kidman are examples. White reveals all there is to know about a woman's figure. Now if you’re a man reading this and you like your women skinny, well the point is a white dress is very revealing on a woman’s shape. Very few women wear white dresses.

In contrast, women who are not comfortable with their bodies wear black. Young Charlotte Church is always wearing black, especially when on live shows. Notice she wears a black dress belt around her waist. Cover up that large belly.
Note, large women usually wear a belt or belt equivalent to make their waist line appear slimmer than they really are. Television presenter Fern Brittan and Lenny Henry’s Dawn French, wear black clothes all of the time.

Red, Yellow, Orange Are Warm Colours, The Colours Of Passion

Red is a warm colour, the colour of passion. Red reveals a passionate woman. Actress Selma Hyleck wears red dresses. She is beautiful woman. Women dressed in warm colours are usually very friendly and smile frequently. Women who smile frequently are very approachable and can make easy light conversation, the ideal companion for a social gathering.

Greens, Light Blues And The In-Betweens. These Are Cold Colours.

These are the colours worn by the majority of women. Could there be a link here between the moods of some women and the type of colours they choose with their clothing? Humm, I wonder… I find that women wearing greens, light blues and in between, tend to be quiet, with neutral expression.

Light blue, green, resemble cold colours. It's much harder to approach this type of woman.
Male readers will probably be thinking , ‘What is the point of all this??’

Well, clothes or choice of clothing reveal ( or hide ) much about a woman. For instance if you are a man who is not attracted to plump women, avoid those who wear loose fitting black dresses. If skinny women do not appeal to you, then a woman dressed in white will show off as much of her natural shape as possible.

Other Small Issues I Have Experienced When Observing Women

Right, If a woman is wearing a sleeveless dress or top observe the top half of her shoulders form her armpit upwards. If this part of her figure is quite fleshy, i.e., quite meaty in comparison to the rest of her figure, this could mean she has children.
All women put on weight during pregnancy. ‘All women want to lose weight as quickly as possible afterwards.’ As you know the top half of a woman’s body also expands to prepare the mother for breast feeding.

You Can Learn Much Just By Noticing Physical Features

The upper bulk on the top half of a woman’s body is the hardest to lose. Anyway when most women focus on losing weight they concentrate on their stomach, thighs, or bum.

Hair. There are three shades of blonde.
There is the very bleached almost white blonde, ( yuk ) of the Christina Agrullia type. Then there’s the normal semi bleached blonde, of the Brittney Spears or Caprice type, the colour most women go for when they use blonde dye. Finally, there is the natural real blonde of the Cat Deeley type. Natural blonds are best.

More. Observe a woman’s hands.
Yellowish stains on her fingers will reveal a smoking habit. The more yellow her hands are the heavier she smokes. ‘This is a good sign to watch out for if you fancy non-smokers.’ Also very revealing is a woman’s facial features.

Can You Tell If Someone Has Been Under The Surgeon’s Knife?

If the woman is relatively young but the skin by the side of her eyes has lines, termed crows feet, or her facial skin looks very dry in appearance, this could be a woman who smokes and who also has a drinking problem.

Women with a facial appearance which looks rubbery or stretched and looks unnatural, is a woman who has been under the surgeon knife.

Women with fake cleavage from plastic surgery will make it obvious to the world by wearing clothes which show off their fake, plastic,( excuse the pun ) cleavage. Kate Price (Jordan) and Pamela Anderson spring to mind. Not my type.

You Are What You Wear-The Woman I Like

The woman I like has a certain mystery to her, She knows how to tease, but is not revealing.
No mini skirts, or jeans or tops which look too tight. Some women seem to be on parade, revealing themselves to such an extent the whole world can see what they’ve got.
I have to point out, Straight Talking is written from a man’s perspective. ( haven’t you noticed? ) female readers however, can learn much by reading between the lines.

For Instance If You Are A Female And Wish To Attract The Attention Of A Man On An Evening Out,

Wear warm colours. (red is killer ) Wear clothes which tease, but are not revealing. A backless dress for example is nice.
Don’t go too heavy on the facial make up. Lip stick is fine. Facial blusher is too old fashioned and looks as if you’re trying too hard. Don’t be wearing tops which attract attention to your chest.
Get the idea?? Next month we will look at personality, why we do what we do. What habits you feel comfortable with in the partner you wish to date.
(taken from What's Your Type- A report on -finding Your Most Compatable Partner.)

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