Are you closing your business? Whether the economy affected your decision to close, or whether you’re just ready for a change, the skills and accomplishments you’ve accrued throughout your time as a business owner can translate very well into a successful sales role for you!

Many of the skills you’ve perfected as a business owner translate well into a sales role: you already have sales skills, you understand how to increase market share, you know what it takes to compete with business rivals, and more. It’s important that you use your resume as a marketing document that clearly shows what you can bring to the position—use numbers where you can to effectively highlight your accomplishments.

However, there are a few concerns every hiring manager will have about former business owners that you must deal with head-on:

* When explaining your situation, you must do it in a way that addresses the primary concerns of the hiring manager:

· That you can become a great sales rep

· That you will be able to become a great sales rep

· That you know how to be a great sales rep

· That you will contribute to the goals he must meet in order to keep his job

* You also must address your transition out of your business. The hiring manager must know how you plan to close up shop and be done with the responsibilities of it so that you can concentrate on your new job. You should have a timeline (within a month, if not sooner) and be ready to discuss it.

* You’ll also need to clearly explain that you’ll no longer be involved with the company—no left-over loose ends, or part-time efforts to keep it afloat.

Once you alleviate the concerns of the hiring manager and demonstrate how your unique skills as a former business owner can benefit that company, you’re on your way to getting the offer!

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