Beginnings are important. “As the twig is bent, the tree is inclined.” So it was that as America was beginning, “the devil was in the details” for seven movements destined to affect millions.

1. Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto, which still appeals to millions in Latin America where poverty and lack of education combine to make those Catholic nations vulnerable, which is why Rome sees Communist as an enemy, but it’s so favorable to socialism. The pope allegedly told Michael Moore that Capitalism is sin.

2. Charles Darwin wrote his Origin of the Species, and thanks to the media hyping every new theory (that contradicts previous ones), millions credit a “Big Bang” and a dozen coincidences of favorable conditions for life, (just the right distance from sun, how did earth get it’s spin, and atmosphere, and all the minerals needed for life, but no good explanation for how life began. Famed atheist, Antony Flew changed his mind when he saw the impossibility of DNA forming by chance. Believing we came from apes allows us to act like apes with no accountability to God.

3. Slavery was anti-freedom and God used Lincoln to free the slaves and hold the nation together in spite of powerful forces (like now) that wanted to see it split. Rome, chafing over their loss of world supremacy in the Old World, was eager to see America fail. The pope was the only foreign entity to recognize Jefferson Davis as “the illustrious president of the southern states.”
Catholic Supreme Court Justice Tany made history in his decision re black people: “they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect; the negro might be justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit.”

4. Tobacco is not such a deception now, but in the mid-1800’s doctors were favorable to its use as a possible benefit for TB, much like they think drugs help cholesterol or diabetes now, when a plant-based diet will do better without the risks. (see YouTube!)

5. Joseph Smith started the Mormon Church. “No Man Knows My History” is a biography by one of his 40 wives. Smith would ride into a town and shack up with an attractive woman, asking her to raise the kids Mormon before riding on. “By their fruits…” Matt 7

6. John Darby became the Father of Dispensationalism and Futurism which interprets Revelation in a way that sees future salvation of Jews after a rapture for Christians. His views are held by many in spite of good evidence that there is no pre-tribulation rapture, Acts 14:22; 1Cor 15:52; Rev 8:5,6. Christ said, “I am..the Truth.” People who follow the truth as they understand it are following Him, Acts 17:30,31. Enlightenment is coming; it’s not about dispensations; a 3rd temple for Jewish sacrifices is a bad idea.

7. Following truth is what some Christians did when William Miller’s date for a rapture in 1844 became “the Great Disappointment” (Google). Like John in Revelation 10, Miller ate the little book of Daniel. He and 50,000 followers believed Christ would come then. The Seventh-day Adventist Church grew out of that “bitter belly” experience of Rev 10.

SDAs see Rev 10:10,11 as endorsing their movement, but they failed to accept Ellen White’s saying they were preaching the Sabbath until they were as dry as the hills of Gilboa. Church leaders rejected the message of righteousness by faith in 1888 until years later. In a grasp for power, they voted a hierarchical form like the Catholic Church has in 1903. Ellen White replied, “How is the faithful city become a harlot?”

8. Eight is the biblical number for new beginnings and Christians who understand Rev 10:10,11 should “prophesy again” as Christ said, with the same message that William Miller’s’ group gave in 1844 but which Adventists, mired in internal struggles, fail to apply the message of impending judgment to America. God judged Egypt for killing babies like the US has aborted 60 million. Egypt enslaved Israel. The US has enslaved most people in alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food, fashion, fiction, gambling, music, sex, perversion. pornography, TV, violence, etc.

“Prophecy again” also applies to the other message of 1844, “the Bridegroom comes,” not in the sky as a rapture, but like God came to Egypt and took Israel to a covenant that He regarded as a marriage, Jer 3:14. Paul said “all those things happened to them for examples…ends of the world.” 1Cor 10:1,1.

All of this means a time of judgment is impending and if we would be ready, we need to understand the wedding parables that offer high destiny, “ruler over all that He has” Lk 12:44

Richard Ruhling is mostly non-denominational. He believes the destruction of Jerusalem next spring could initiate the end-times as Zech 14:1,2 suggest. His ebook also explains the wedding parables and is available FREE on Amazon Monday, Nov 5, otherwise it’s $2.99 Amazon offers a free app so ebooks can be read on phone or computer.

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Richard Ruhling is a retired physician whose books are on Amazon.