Christianity is not a religion....part 1 ( dangerous religious atheists)

Yes Christianity is not a religion, It is high time those who claim  be Christians understood what they are in for. 
That you go to church does not make you a christian, that you work in church does not qualify you as a Christian and because you passed the religious institutions of men with a certificate and a title as an evidence has nothing to do with you being a Christian. 

Even if your father is a pope,cardinal , bishop, general overseer, or a very reverend, that has nothing to do with your Christian adventure. 
Wearing gorgeous clothes, looking good, and carrying big Bible every sunday or Saturday  is not Christianity

No apologies if you get offended by this, because the truth have to be told! What need is going to the house of God when you do not respect, honor and love Him, let me ask you, WHO ARE YOU MOCKING? Why buy or borrow a Bible you never read? Why call Him father, when you treat Him like a distant acquaintance?  

Please, let us stop deceiving ourselves, the truth is that we have more of church  going ,religious atheist, following empty modern rituals than Christ followers. 
You doubt every Word of God, you only try to keep up appearance because going to church makes you look and feel good.

You go to church as a business or career strategy, you have learned the language, and styles of church, mingling with the brethren. Church have become more of a social gathering to you than a place of encounter with YAHWEH.

I have not come to judge, rather I have a burden to question the unprecedented decadence of our passion, trust, love and honor for God. 
Yahweh is not looking for modern day Pharisees and Sadducees, neither is He interested in unbelieving 'believers'.

 He is searching for men after His Heart, genuine in their Hunger for Him, 
He desires to have a close knit lifelong relationship with you. He wants to be your intimate confidant, Someone you can trust always, and He is willing to trust you as well. 

It is a call to review our spiritual state, it is time to refocus, and align our motives with heaven. 

Stop being religious and church smart.....
Become spiritual smart....


. part 2 ( a carpenter's lifestyle ) 


Author's Bio: 

Kalu chijioke Harvard is a teacher of God's word, a life coach, business development strategist and the author of extensive books, and articles. He is passionate about the environment and human growth.

He is the publisher of seedtract™