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The Bible says to be not unequally yoked with unbelievers. The more you believe and think alike, the better it is and it is also well to know that the Bible puts the man in the role of pursuer and the woman should respond wisely. If young with living parents who are Christians, it may be well for her parents to meet the young man before any serious commitment is made, but first I want to explain a problem that involves the highest risk.

A pastor was asked to marry a couple, but the girl’s parents did not want them to marry. “He is not right for our daughter—please help us,” they appealed to the pastor. He met with them and said he would marry them on one condition. They must spend a week and visit each night. They could talk about anything they wanted to talk about, but NO hugging or kissing. They agreed.

A couple days later the girl called and said, “He is the biggest bore I have ever met in my life!” She had been confused by the show of affection and thought she loved him. Lots of people think because they enjoy the showing of affection that they have love as the basis of a marriage, but it is only the frosting on the cake, and all frosting can make one sick!

The other example from Focus on the Family radio is how first century marriages were arranged. A man and his son would visit another home of a man and his daughter. The men would talk about the price of the dowry, and the young couple might be talking for the first time.

They probably talked about everything—work, money, family, sex, religious views, children, relatives, etc. If both conversations were agreeable, the father would pour his son a cup of grape juice and he would offer it to the young lady saying, This is my blood—I would shed it for you. If she accepted and drank from it, this was an official acceptance of marriage. He would return home to build a room onto his father’s house and she would sew and get ready for when he would come for the wedding.

This model occurred to me in the context of my own desire to marry soon after my former wife died, and as I read Christ’s wedding parable in Luke 12:36, we are to be ready, that “when He comes and knocks, [we] may open unto Him immediately.” If He is going to accept us that way, we should be willing to accept others on the same basis, considering that we have been honest in discussion, wise in our questions, and willing to give more than we receive in a mutual relationship.

The fact is that each person brings to the marriage some things that are unique and that meet the needs of the other, and if we understand that it is more blessed to give than to receive, it can work well for any Christian couple. Christ on the throne in the heart of the man will not war against Christ in the life of his wife.
Wife = life with a few extra turns!

It’s been almost 7 years since I flew from Washington DC to Phoenix to meet someone with whom I had talked by email and phone for two to three weeks and we married two days later. The wedding was the first kiss, but not the last! I’m happily married and believe God led in the selection after several other women did not want to get married that way—they wanted me to move where they lived and get acquainted, etc.

I believe the Holy Spirit led and I’m fully as happy as in the previous marriage and this is an introduction to an ebook that has a great chapter on the wedding parables which tell us how “He will make [us] ruler over all that He has” if we meet conditions that aren’t difficult, but we just haven’t considered or studied them—please give it a look as explained in The Alpha & Omega Bible Code that has a last chapter on the wedding parables...

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