If you have become embarrassed of your smile, then you might want to take a look at the teeth whitening products that are out on the market. There are new products emerging all the time that are designed to whiten your teeth and give you the smile that you have always wanted. Your smile is an important aspect of who you are and many times people gather their first impression by it. If you find yourself hiding your teeth or your smile behind menus, your hand, or other items, then it just might be time to look at these kinds of products.

Because of the popularity of teeth whitening, there is a wide array of products to choose from and you can have your dentist perform the whitening procedure or you can choose to do the job yourself. It is recommended however that you discuss the idea with your dentist so that he or she can help you understand what product and process might work the best. Your dentist will discuss the current color of your teeth, as well as any stains that may exist, with you and give you advice as to what type of product that you should use. You may have already tried some products such as certain toothpastes or chewing gum which claim to be able to make your teeth whiter. However, these products can be limited and, depending on the color of your teeth and your diet, these products may be completely ineffective.

Many people are starting to choose an office procedure where a teeth whitening gel is put on the teeth and then the dentist uses a laser to activate the gel for an immediate difference in the color of your teeth. Some people report that their teeth are several shades lighter after the treatment but you may have to have more than one treatment for optimum results. The nice thing about using an office procedure is that the whitening products are applied by a professional, however, professionals in the dental field may also recommend processes that you can use at home.

These processes usually involve the use of a mouth tray that is sometimes formed to fit your exact bite. You then put a teeth whitening gel into the tray and slip it onto your teeth at night before you go to sleep. This method can take a little longer but has been shown to be highly effective as well as less expensive than having your teeth professionally whitened in a dental office. Other forms that you can use in addition to the gels and creams are whitening strips, and paint on products.

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