Since 2016, more than a thousand New Yorkers died from drug overdoses. Opioid and heroine are two of the drugs involved in the death of many people in the United States. Drug addiction is now the primary cause of deaths in the United States. Most of the victims are under 50 years old.

CBD oil is here to treat addiction takes the interest of the world as cannabinoids can help addicts recover. Some studies would support the effectiveness of CBD to treat drug addicts.

Here are examples of the studies that would help you understand the effectiveness of CBD oil to aid drug addicts to recover.

Recent CBD Oil For Addiction Studies

A study caught the interest of people as it states that CBD proves successful in treating animals that are addicted to cocaine and alcohol. The rats are provided CBD in topical gel per day each week. The researchers observed that the rats would react to the situation. The researchers found out the rats have an excellent recovery.

Also, the rats reduced feelings of impulsivity and anxiety that are connected with drug addiction. The study on the rats continued for five months after the treatment was completed. The rats were less likely to relapse that’s a good sign even if it’s provoked by stress.

The result of the study proves excellent support that CBD oil is a unique solution to prevent relapse in drug addicts. Experts say that there are triggers that cause addicts to relapse. Few examples of these triggers are anxiety, stress and drug cues. Today, there are more studies on CBD and addiction. These future studies would become a turning point to treat drug addiction in the future.

Past CBD Oil For Addiction Studies

The CBD for addiction centers on the opioid epidemic. Here, you would observe that both CBD and cannabis prove to be effective exit drugs that would help addicts through the following reasons:

  • Cannabis aid the addicts regarding the pain that got them addicted to opioids.
  • Cannabis is a big help so that the addicts would recover from the withdrawal symptoms of opioids.

Past studies show that people who use CBD oil take little opioids for pain. Doctors also prescribe less use of opiates to people who have easy access to cannabis. There are also no reported deaths in areas where people use CBD.

Many types of addicts might benefit in using CBD oil as CBD contains therapeutic properties cocaine and opioids. It’s also beneficial for people who have tobacco addiction. The effects of CBD are promising for drug addicts to recover and gain their normal lives again.

The “Stigma” Of CBD Oil

Despite the recent research about CBD, there’s still a stigma surrounding CBD oil. Examples of these are CBD has the same properties of marijuana but no psychoactive effects. The CBD oil is also associated with the mood-altering substance that’s also connected to addiction. CBD doesn’t have THC that wouldn’t cause psychotic effects on the person who uses it. Hence, CBD is safe to use for most addicts.

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