Are you an expat and have been thinking about purchasing a property in Canada? The process is very easy for expats. In fact, it is also a viable option to secure a longer stay in Canada. Canada has always had an open-door policy for foreigners and their ability to purchase property ownership, and they make it an affordable and attractive feature. Canadian housing prices are far lower than other global comparisons. In fact, it is so luring that owning a property in Canada by non-residents has the same amount of rights as owning property as a citizen of Canada. So, if you are looking for homes for sale in Regina , then Emerald park Homes for sale is a very viable option right now. 

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Where and How to Start Looking for Property in Canada?

When looking for a home in Canada to settle into, expats should primarily consider the locality and the kind of home they would ideally and realistically live in. Furthermore, it is far more important to consider the wide difference in Canada's climatic conditions and your personal preference for the kind of climate ideal for you. If you are looking for various types of property such as detached homes, attached townhouses or condos, there are a plethora of choices available as a part of white city homes for sale

Firstly, scope the areas and start by searching online for the type of property you would like to own, and from there look at the variety of homes for sale in Regina, and in fact, contact real estate agents in Regina immediately and get about the process of looking for homes. 

Financial Considerations for Buying a Property In Canada.

In the case of a non-resident or an expat, financing options are available at 65 percent of the price of the purchase, with an additional 35 percent needed for the down payment. Expats need to apply directly to the bank for a loan and qualify for mortgage financing plan requirements. The mortgage interviews are done over phone, fax, and email to gather one's personal information that could come in handy to ascertain assets and liabilities.


Another thing to note, as an expat, is that foreign banks cannot register for mortgages in Canada; thereby, all mortgage brokers or bankers must be a part of Canada. 


If you are trying to determine the number of the mortgage one's needs to borrow from Canadian banks while buying homes for sale in Regina is to consider these aspects:


  • Purchase price
  • Property Transfer Tax - paid by the property buyer at one percent of the first 100,000 CAD and two percent for the remainder. 
  • Consider Bank Appraisal Fees - some banks don't require it. 
  • Inspection fees to ascertain the value and the damage to the house.
  • Cost of Insurance - this depends on the various properties and the various policies of the bank as well.
  • Closing legal fees - determined by the lawyer during the purchase of the white city homes for sale.
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