TENS units are safe and simple to use. Buying one is easy, either. There are various TENS units to choose from online. There are also them in many stores, like your neighborhood pharmacy or drugstore. However, before you get one, take note there’s no promise it will do the job. Also, know that sometimes insurance will pay for a TENS unit, and sometimes it generally does not. Consult with your insurer first.

1. Talk with your physician or pain management therapist before buying.
Usually do not buy a TENS unit without suggestions from your physician or pain management therapist, like a physical therapist. This will be near the top of your list. Although TENS is safe for many people, it’s not for a few.

You ought not use TENS if your physician hasn’t yet determined the reason for your pain. Your physician will also demonstrate how to use TENS properly. Using it improperly might lead to a burn-off or skin discomfort.

2. Begin by having your physician or pain management therapist treat you with a TENS unit.
Before you utilize one at home, you want to discover if it works for your unique pain. This will also help you understand how to best utilize it for your pain. TENS is not complicated to use. But, one does need to find out where to place the electrode pads. Additionally, you need to find out how much capacity to use to discover the best results. Your physician or therapist is the best person to help you.

3. It might take time to learn if TENS is wonderful for you.
Remember it might take lots of classes with your physician or pain therapist to learn if TENS will relieve your pain. Your doctor might need to try different kinds of TENS machines or different configurations. This can help you find out if you’ll reap the benefits of TENS. If so, your physician or therapist can recommend the very best unit that you should buy and the configurations to use.

4. Insurance may cover a TENS unit if the treatments are clinically necessary.
You can purchase a TENS unit without a prescription. But, you might need documentation from your physician to really get your insurance to protect it. Out-of-pocket cost for a TENS unit can range between significantly less than $100 for a straightforward device to more than $500 for a device with extra features.
Lately, less expensive over-the-counter TENS units have grown to be available–many of these are under $50–and you will get them in the treatment aisle of your neighborhood pharmacy or drugstore.

5. Consult with your insurance provider on coverage details.
Different insurers have different guidelines for covering TENS models. Medicare requires you have pain for longer than 90 days. You also will need to have attempted other treatments first. Your insurance provider may necessitate a prescription from your physician to get coverage. Some insurance providers need you to lease a TENS for a one-month trial period before you get it. Also, Medicare plus some private insurance might not cover using TENS for a few types of pain, such as chronic low back again pain.


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TENS units are safe and simple to use. Buying one is easy, either. There are various TENS units to choose from online.