Born This Way – Lady Gaga Strikes Gold
You may wonder why I’m writing about Lady Gaga of all people. Many of you may know that in a former life (this lifetime) I too was a professional singer. To this day I love music and watching performers of all kinds. I’m pretty busy and typically don’t get out for entertainment nearly as often as I would like. My music player is full of music my kids choose most often.
Recently I had the chance to watch a Lady Gaga concert. I was very surprised with what I saw. I tend to feel like I’ve been there done that, and have seen it all when it comes to the music business. Gaga showed me something different than anything I have seen. Some people are trying to making comparisons between her and Madonna. The comparisons are really invalid. What I found to be really interesting about her is her truthful message about spirit. Her latest hit record “Born This Way” drives home the point that we were all created by the same God, and no one is a mistake. The way she delivers the message is powerful. Gaga also wears very little clothing. The difference between her choice of less clothes versus let’s say a Britney Spears is that Britney uses sex to sell her message. Gaga is not selling sex in her show. She is selling expression. The feeling is very very different.
Its fun for an 80’s rock chick like me to see something that feels hugely creative on so many levels and that also sends a powerful message about consciousness to young people. I totally get why she is hugely successful. She inspires people to become their best selves.
Of course no leader is without controversy. There are a lot of people who hate Gaga. All I can say is to each his own. She has a great message. She is very talented with a lot to offer. She is truly making a contribution on the planet. I see her contribution as helping people identify with the truth of who they are.
In this day and age when the music business is mostly about business, and very little about music, it’s wonderful to see an artist emerge who dives into creativity, expression and message with such conviction.
I wish we all would take a card from Gaga’s deck and dive into the essence of who we are without caution. I wish we could all own our uniqueness with joy and enthusiasm the way she is doing, and is inspiring others to do. It’s a beautiful thing.
You may or may not appreciate Gaga, but I hope you will see the message and let it run through your energy. You are perfect just the way you are right now. You are divine love and wisdom in action. You were born that way. Nothing can change that truth.

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