A Canadian ice-cream company called “Sweet Jesus” seems hell-bent on a marketing plan based on blasphemy. One ad shows a Nativity Scene, but instead of baby Jesus, there’s an ice-cream cone. Other symbols mocking the faith include rosary beads, angels, and Christ on a crucifix.. http://www.wnd.com/2018/03/blasphemous-ice-cream-chain-coming-to-u-s/

The Bible suggests that we are at the beginning of end-times that will bring this nation down as God makes a full end of all nations, foretold in Daniel 2:44,45.
The question is, will we heed the Bible’s call to come out of Babylon—a word that means confusion (Rev 18:2-4) to be part of God’s end-time kingdom?

“Kingdom” means dominion of a king, and God has dominion (kingdom) by His wise laws that are fair and equitable. For example, if a person stole a sheep, he had to repay four-fold, Exodus 22:1. That is so much better than putting the arm of a small boy under a car for stealing a loaf of bread in a Muslim country (seen on YouTube) or sending a man to prison with free food, room and recreation at tax-payer’s cost.

To join God’s kingdom, we should first know who He is. Most people call Him ‘Lord,’ but ‘Lord’ has the same meaning as when Israel worshiped a calf called “Baal.’ The translation of Baal is ‘lord.’

In the time of the end when the wedding parables offer high destiny, knowing God’s name will be important, Hosea 2:16. Sadly translators took God’s name (four letters called the tetragrammaton) out of the Bible, replacing it with LORD in all caps—about 7,000 times!

When God told Elijah that 7,000 had not bowed the knee to Baal, it’s true now in a similar way, there are 7,000 silent witnesses, wherever we see LORD on all caps, that God has a name.

Christ said Elijah is to come and “restore all things,” Matt 17:11. This includes God’s name—readers can all have a part in doing so if we understand what Josephus knew.

Josephus, a Jewish historian at the time of Jerusalem’s destruction, gives a major clue. He describes the high priest’s golden crown, “in which was engraven the sacred name [of God]…It consists of four vowels,” Wars of the Jews, Book 5, Chapter 5, Section 7.

Some say those letters are consonants, but a renowned Hebrew textbook says, “Long before the introduction of vowel-signs, it was felt that the main vowel-sounds should be indicated in writing, and so the three letters, yothe, hay, waw, were used to represent long vowels.” A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew, Weingreen, Oxford University Press, 1959, p. 7-8. God’s name is spelled yod, hay, waw [vav], hay.

Some modern authorities agree. “The letters of the Name of God in Hebrew are yod, hay, vav, and hay. They are frequently mispronounced Yahveh …[but] they are all vowels.” Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, The Book of Words, Jewish Lights Publ, p. 27.

Consonants [like b, d, k, or m] are made by obstruction of air flow. God’s name has no obstruction like our names or characters have. His name and His character are all flow and melody. Vowels are the music or essential part of any pronounceable word.

We use the vowels of God’s name in every word we speak or we couldn’t make any intelligible sounds. Everyone should thank Him for the ability to talk as well as for giving us life and supplying our needs according to His promises, Phil 4:19.

More information on God’s name is at http://GodsName1stSeal.wordpress.com
So when ‘Sweet Jesus’ ice cream mocked God with the ad (see graphic) citing the 3rd Commandment not to take God’s name in vain, they really only took His title in vain, but God weighs our motives and their intent to belittle spiritual things will not go unpunished in a soon-coming judgment. Believers shouldn’t buy their ice cream.

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