“What a moment to take the newspaper in one hand and the Bible in the other and watch the unfolding of the great drama of the ages,” said Billy Graham So how might the news be expected to unfold?

President Trump’s ending US participation in Iran’s Nuclear Treaty and recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol may further tip Muslim nations against Israel, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, author of The Alpha & Omega Bible Code, offering the following view. …

In Zechariah’s apocalyptic “day-of-the-Lord” prophecy, “all nations” are gathered against Jerusalem (14th chapter) as they were when 126 UN nations voted against it being the capitol of Israel. If that happens, it signals the end-times and is an omen of impending judgment on the US, says Ruhling.

The obvious result will be war with Iran as foretold by the vision in Daniel 8 where Persia (verse 20) is now Iran and Gabriel said its defeat is “at the time of the end,” verse 17.

The vision is half fulfilled. Verse 20 includes the Medes (where Iraq is now). But while Iraq and Iran suffer for their militancy against Israel, the Bible paints the ram as a more noble creature than the goat that represents the western coalition.

Iran calls the US the great Satan that brought Hollywood, sex, violence, ‘music,’ alcohol, tobacco, drugs, perversion, pornography that they equate with Christianity, but the Bible condemns those things that may be expected to bring judgment on US as well, claims Ruhling, as he further explains…

Passover was the biblical time of judgment, but Christ’s clue, “as the days of Noah,” points to the 2nd spring month when the Flood brought destruction, a term that the apostle Paul linked to the day of the Lord and therefore to Jerusalem’s destruction, Zech 14

The biblical year begins in spring with the first new moon (chodesh) after the equinox, Exodus 12. The 2nd new moon (month) may be seen Wednesday evening, May 16 as a thin crescent. Two weeks later is the eve of [2nd] Passover, the focal point of Christ’s clues in his last several parables.

When five women missed the wedding, Christ said “watch” (clue for Passover as the only night Israel was commanded to be awake), “you don’t [understand, Greek word eido] for [because] it’s like a man traveling to a far country, Matthew 25.

Israelites didn’t travel in winter, and if they took a long journey in spring and couldn’t get back for Passover, they were to keep it in the 2nd month, Numbers 9:10,11. This clue links the last two parables together and fits “as the days of Noah” and the fig tree “when summer is nigh” (in May, not April).

Churches should be open Wednesday evening, May 30, not for ‘business as usual,’ but to watch and pray as Christ said, especially if Jerusalem suffers, Zechariah 14.

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Dr. Richard Ruhling is an author on current events and Bible prophecy with numerous book under his name on Amazon.com