Were you recently involved in an accident and lost functional mobility? Or do you have an illness or injury that will require physical therapy? Therapists usually asses their patients’ conditions and offer them the necessary treatments. How about if you can’t afford all those expensive equipments or you are asked to exercise from home? Well, below we shall direct you on some great physical therapy exercises for home.
To start your physical therapy exercises at home, you will need some equipment to help you out. Some of these equipment maybe advanced and some may be simple household items that you can use. Below are essential equipments you might need.
Exercise ball
• Inversion table/ slant table/posture corrector/ back stretch bench
Exercise hand ball
• Household items like bath towels, hammer, rubber bands
• Resistance bands etc.

Body stretch
These balls are effective and they are affordable tools for home physical therapy exercises. Exercise balls are more ideal if you want to stretch different parts of your body while improving body coordination and balance. These balls come in different sizes, strengths and colors. Whether it is your child or yourself that requires physical therapy at home, you will be able to get the right one.
You can also choose to stretch your body while lying on a mat. There are different stretches that you can do including hamstring stretch, piriformis stretch and standing hip flexor stretch.

Back stretch

An inversion table is a great way to stretch the back and relieve some back pains. This method is only ideal for some people who don’t have a problem with being inverted. However, in case you get dizzy from being inverted, you can choose to go for a slant board which you can basically lay on and get slanted at a specific angle. You can also use a back stretch bench as this one won’t invert at all, a stretch trainer and a posture corrector. Any of these options are great alternatives to inversion tables.

Hand and finger exercise

Hand exercises are another form of physical therapy that you can do from home or anywhere. There are many different hand exercises that you can do to strengthen your hands and the fingers. Some of them include the following. Make a fist four to five times while holding it for at least 30 seconds, claw stretches, finger lift, and thumb extension among others.you can also use a rubber band to strengthen finger muscles.


To strengthen your legs and other body parts, you can do the following. If you are having problems with your legs, you can strengthen them using resistance bands. If you have problems with your hand grip you can improve it by using hand grip balls. If you don’t have a grip ball, you can use a rolled up hand towel. Use pinch balls to strengthen your pinch grip.

Final word

You can do simple physical therapy exercises from home to help improve your mobility function. We have only covered some of the most common exercises you can do from home and the equipment you will need. Remember to follow your physical therapy’s instructions as well to improve on your health. Always have a home exercise program for the best results.

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