In 1996 Elaine Aron created the term “Highly Sensitive Person” or HSP to describe and study a big part of the population (and also higher animals) that has different ways to deal with stimuli, information, thoughts and emotions. This term is neither metaphysical nor spiritual, is very practical and very scientific and has to do with psychology.
Of course for many people this was also a connection to spiritual terms, like “light worker”, “indigo” and “crystal”; this makes sense because all the people who are considered to be able to understand and receive delicate vibrations can only be highly sensitive. If you agree or not with those terms is another story, it’s rather your relationship with spirituality.

What I disagree with is the characterization of some people as “special”. For me being special is being limited. Someone who is special must always take care of the image and the concept that represents, and for someone who has already a lot of information coming through this fine tuned body and mind it’s a heavy weight.

Special is a term that I don’t agree, in every level. Many people consider themselves as special just because they have money, beauty, high IQ, luck, abilities for one or the other thing, you know, good drivers, good lovers, good cooks etc. But if you try to be special using one thing as excuse you may appear as ordinary or even less than that in other fields.

The worse thing, especially for highly sensitive children, is when parents try to show to them, and everyone else, how special and extraordinary they are. I see parents very proud about their child being smart, very good pupil, indigo or crystal, strong or beautiful. This is the best way to burn your child out.

I have millions of examples and also personal experience on this. Being special can attract admiration but can also create isolation and envy. Too much weight for a child, especially a sensitive child.

Treat everyone as ordinary and let them decide what to do with their gifts themselves. Consider the “special” gifts as something natural and not as something metaphysical. Let them enjoy the benefits of having abilities and share them with everyone. Everyone has an extra ability.

If you have difficulties with this ask for help or advice.

Everyone’s body and everything that has to do with it is limited, even if it’s “special”.
Everyone’s spirit is perfect and unlimited.

Author's Bio: 

Antonis Remoundos is Life Coach and he loves to work with Highly Sensitive people, helping them get out of defense and survival and move towards living, thriving, leading.

He has seen a lot of changes in his life when he realized his uniqueness as highly sensitive person. His tools are: deep understanding, intuition and love for self-growth. And more practical the power of the Sedona Method.

He lives in Kifissia Greece and works globally.