Within the mouth, the tongue has a number of duties. It and the teeth are engaged with the way we address the food in the mouth. As food goes into the mouth, the tongue manages the food for chewing and contributes in breaking the food into more compact pieces. Conversing and being able to taste food can also be contributed to the tongue. It represents an extremely useful organ that people sometimes take for granted.

Even though the tongue does a lot of good things it's also capable of being a unwilling recipient of some adverse things as well, for instance, being linked to bad breath. The tongue is the cause why it happens as well as the reason for it. It is not surprising that there's a relationship among bad breath and the tongue given the reality that it comes in direct contact with many different varieties of food everyday.

Considering that we eat and drink all sorts of different things throughout the night and day, it's easy to understand why we find ourselves with bad breath. The tongue can almost be explained as a fingertip, touching and managing any and all things that enter into the mouth.

Horrible mouth odor should come as no surprise, given the fact that the tongue is linked to what happens inside the mouth. And whatever makes contact with the tongue leaves behind some sort of residue that stays on it. If some kind of mouth cleaning isn't done, at some point of the day, then those tastes and food products will remain on the tongue and consequently emerge from the mouth for all to experience...not a nice thought.

The food particles end up in between the teeth, on the gums, and on the tongue where bacteria will feed on them and, after a period of time, you will see what germs has been doing on top of your tongue. If eventually you notice that your tongue is white, this is a condition known as "white tongue" and it is a result of germs secreting waste material from the food embedded on it.

To get an all round cleaner mouth, you have to take care of the tongue just like you do with the gums and teeth. Saliva provides some help, but tongue care is mainly your responsibility. Using a toothbrush and scraping away bacterial waste or even food is a benefit.

The function of the tongue should not be undervalued. It is responsible for many things plus some of them we sometimes neglect. We've a clearer knowledge of the relationship between bad breath and the tongue. The tongue helps with our survival.

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