Are You a Rock Star Performer?

Regardless of the industry you are in, you can have Rock Star Power! Now, I'm not talking the Hollywood celebrity kind, I'm referring to the people who tend to give extraordinary service with their work and with those around them.

You influence, you love what you are doing, and it radiates out from you. You are the kind of person that does more than expected; you are likeable and people want to be around you.

Do you have Rock Star Power?
I'd be interested to hear what your immediate response was. From my experiences as a Life Coach, I would say that a lot of us generally don't think we have it, yet we all innately possess it! 65% of the population would admit to being shy and we live from a self imposed script due to it. Your inner Rock Star is hidden. So what other qualities does a Rock Star Performer have and can you awaken them within?

Your desire to succeed is so strong that you can taste and feel the end result. Want to set up your own business? If you have a deep burning desire to succeed then you will sit up past midnight after everyone else has gone to bed to develop that business plan, do some research, write an article. Rock Star Performers see no other result than the end goal.

Rock Stars push past any bumps and pitfalls along the way including failed attempts! It is well know that most millionaires have lost their money several times over and yet they don't let failure stop them from dusting down and starting again.

A Rock Star Performer follows through to the end. They perfect their art or way of doing something and act from that all the time. They also learn constantly and adjust behaviours according to any knowledge gained

If the desire is deep, you will take action each and every day to attain your goal. You will get up before dawn to educate, read, call the other side of the world, visual or meditation on your success. You know what you need to do. You are crystal clear on the outcomes and you construct your day to include tasks that will get you there. A true Rock Star will also have that work / life / health / spiritual balance as they know the importance of it.

So how are you going so far? Does the above ring true for you? Has it awoken aspects of yourself that you didn't recognise or desire to have again? Hope so...!

Next time I'm taking you further down the path of living in your Rock Star power by touching on one of two other qualities that you must have to be a huge success - communication and listening. Check back then!

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Janet McNally is a entrepreneur, life coach, business coach, motivational speaker and broadcaster. She is the Founder of Life Playground a place dedicated to inspiring other into take action through a number of self development programs on offer. Life Playground is about bring the childlike wonder back into life, allowing you to access the unlimited possibilities for yourself. Ready to Play?

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