We all know what the routine should be. We get up in the morning and brush our teeth before heading out for the day. In the evening we brush them again before we go to bed. But it isn’t just the process of brushing twice a day we need to stick to – there are other things that matter as well.

For example think about how long you brush your teeth for. It should be for at least a couple of minutes, focusing on getting in between all your teeth and brushing them all front and back as well. This is how you can make sure you stand the best chance of keeping your teeth healthy instead of being affected by tooth and gum disease.

Another thing you can do is to floss on a regular basis. No matter how well you brush you cannot reach all the tiny gaps in between your teeth. The only way to do this is through flossing, which again should ideally be done twice a day.

Even if you have been diligent in looking after your teeth and ensuring they always feel fresh and clean, you may still be considering teeth whitening from home. This can give you whiter teeth than you may have at the moment and will therefore make you feel more confident about your smile. Crest whitening strips are one of the products you can use for teeth whitening from home, in order to get the best possible results.

Many people underestimate how they feel when it comes to their dental health. If they suffer from bad teeth, bad breath, fillings and decay, it can really affect their confidence and how they feel about themselves. This is why daily dental care is so important. Your dentist can also advise about using products such as Crest whitening strips so you are able to get the best look on a continual basis.

Of course you should also use a good quality toothbrush and floss, and remember to change your brush on a regular basis. After a while the bristles will get softer and be less able to clean out all the food from your teeth. Replacing it regularly will ensure it always does the job it was intended for.

So you can see that brushing twice a day is not the only thing you should be doing to help maximise your dental health. Aside from this it is also important to ensure you can get advice from your dentist and brush in the correct way for the right length of time. You can also whiten your teeth at home if you wish, to enable you to get the best possible smile you can.

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