Is your life clearly out of control with raising kids, running around for activities, squabbles, discipline and the chaos? The stress of mortgages, bills, keeping up your home, and your relationship not to mention your work outside your home!
Are you instantly finding yourself on over load every day?
You’re up to your neck at work and your boss certainly thinks you can do more. You think you need to have your children in more activates and your house is completely a mess and filling up with junk and you just don’t have time for anything. It is like everybody wants a piece of you?
Get your happy back by eliminating what everybody else thinks you should be doing. You have the ability to control your life, not everybody else. Take Control!
One of the big things in today’s world is being able to multi-tasks.
To me the only thing this word is good for is when you are a young mother and you need to make dinner and hold the baby at the same time. This can be done and it really comes in handy having 2 arms. That is multi-tasking. This word is over used and it takes your control and power away from you.
Is it the world and what it thinks you should be that is really controlling your happiness? My answer would be YES!
Think about this:
We are suppose to be perfect parents, we are suppose to hold down a full time job (or have a career), live in a house that has over 3,000 sq ft in it, have 2 or 3 cars in our drive way and make sure our children are in every activate possible. If not we are depriving them of something!
Give me a break! Life is too short for all this chaos.

Eliminate fear and stress; get your grove back with happiness:
1. Be what you can be, not what someone else thinks you should be?
2. Do kid’s sport without making yourself insane.
3. Eliminate those meaningless deadlines.
4. Don’t try to keep up with the Jones, they don’t care anyway.
5. Don’t worry about social situations and functions, the other people really don’t care about you, they just want to impress you with their stuff.
6. Learn how to say NO!
7. Slow down and have dinner as a family.
8. If it doesn’t make sense to you, don’t do it.
9. Stop clutter by putting things away as you use them and have a place for everything.
10. When your children fight with one another, just tell them to fight nice and walk away (takes all the fun out of it for them).
11. Realize that making more money isn’t going to make more happiness. (Money is only a tool) like a frying pan.
12. Do not be a slave to peer pressure.
Isn’t it time to start enjoying life again?
Take these 12 ideas and see what you can use to take back the control in your life. Happiness is found when you have control, not what the community, country or world as control.
A happy family is one that works together for the good of each one. You and your family are your own little community. Stop letting peer pressure take that away from you, instead build on it with a strong foundation and you will find happiness.
I would clearly appreciate anything you can add to my list to get back the control in our lives instead of letting others have control.
Thank you and may you always be blessed with happiness!

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Debbie Bills is a successful internet marketer whose main goal is to spread the Secret to happiness. Life is short and everyone deserves the change to choose happiness. After raising three children as a single parent she learned where happiness is found. Now she has chosen to give up the corporate world and teach others how to find the happiness they richly deserve. The knowledge she has learned through the years as a single parent is powerfully astonishing. To find out the Secret to Happiness visit her blog at
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