Summary: “I know I'm somebody because God doesn't make junk.” Famed atheist Antony Flew, confronted with the complexity of DNA and the impossibility of its evolution, came to believe in God. Our existence is a gift. True religion is gratitude for life expressed to our parents and to God as shown by how we live. Do we give in return or are we mostly taking? Is there a bigger picture?
If this life is all there is, maybe we should get all we can and the one with the biggest toys wins? But life focused on things soon seems shallow, and a CPA specializing in millionaires said they all wonder, How much more do I need to be secure?
Basing our happiness or security on money or what it can buy will surely miss some things money can't buy. And in the end, money can be taken from us and is a poor choice of focus, especially if there is a Creator who has left His signature behind, hoping we get His message!
We might wonder if there is an all-powerful God, why doesn't He stop all the senseless killing and depravity. We should understand it from a biblical view. There was war in heaven re God's government and Lucifer, the devil, was cast out to earth. This world has become a battleground to demonstrate both sides and God gives us freedom of choice while Satan's plan involves addictions, bondage, hatred and a host of negatives in a losing lifestyle.
In contrast to the crime, sex and violence seen on TV, the all-time best-seller is a book of life with a realistic picture of where the world is headed and how to avoid the cesspool and destruction by a willingness to live a life of gratitude for what we've been given; it includes an opportunity for hereafter.
Though this author has three degrees in science, this is not an explanation of the DNA or RNA codes, but an overview of four other codes that impact Bible understanding.
1. In Revelation 1:11, we read, “I am Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last.” This suggests another code that some Bible students appreciate. It is also called the Rule of Primacy or First Use, and it says that where a word or phrase is first found in the Bible, it often has a meaning or context that we should consider for end-times, because Christ is “the Word,” and “the First and the Last.”
Using this code or rule reveals the Bible as a book of depth and prophecy. This author has appreciated this in relation to the wedding parables which are not understood and seem so different. For example, the cry at midnight in Matthew 25:6 is first found in Exodus 12:29,30 when calamity and death fell on the Egyptians. And wedding parable is about our marriage to Christ after a similar huge calamity because after the calamity in Egypt, God took Israel to a covenant at Sinai and later said, “I am married to you,” Jeremiah 3:14. Paul included the Exodus when he wrote, “All those things happened to them for examples...ends of the world.” 1Corintians 10:1,11.
2. It's been 20 years since "Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis" was published in the scientific journal, Statistical Science. This was the basis of Michael Drosnin's claim of ELS showing Rabin's assassination.
Less well-known is a book by Yacov Rambsel titled Yeshua, showing that name as the Savior's Hebrew name encoded by ELS in connection with Messianic prophecies, even from the very first verse, where, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” using ELS, from the first yod, every 521st letter spells Yeshua yahkol—meaning that Yeshuah is able or has the power to create.
3. Another code may be “Twice Speak.” When the Bible seems to repeat itself, it suggests also an end-time application. An example of this is Genesis 41:32 where Joseph says, “the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice.” [seven lean hungry cows ate up seven fat cows and same idea with ears of corn.] The code would imply seven years of trouble in the end-time and this is supported also by Daniel 4 where the king of Babylon was humbled for seven years as he ate grass; it's the seven years of tribulation.
4. The chiastic structure of the Bible suggests the book of Genesis is a prophecy for us in reverse. First to explain chiastic structure, it's like going into a canyon and up the other side with things reversed. According to Genesis, mankind began in a garden, suffered huge annihilation, then a tower of Babel to ensure it won't happen again, a promise to Abraham for a son and his misdoing it with Hagar to father Ishmael, famine and going to Egypt and finally bondage in Egypt. The book of Revelation begins with John in captivity (bondage) and a reverse progression to end in Paradise. To get Israel out of Egypt, God sent 10 plagues. The book of Revelation suggests plagues for us and while we aren't there yet, is a good example.

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Dr. Richard Ruhling's special interest has been Bible prophecy. His ebook, Exodus 2, is available at and just as the first plague in Egypt attacked their god, the Nile, Ruhling believes the first trumpet plague of Rev 8:7 will be Economic Collapse, maybe this September,