Have you ever felt like you weren't in control of your actions? Have
you ever wondered if there was something behind the misery in your
life? Does everything seem much harder than it has to be? Do you feel
like you sabotage good things in your life? You are very likely being
influenced by low-vibration entities! Low-vibration entities are real
and most religions and cultures around the world have been aware of
their existence since the dawn of civilization. They exist on a plane
that connects with ours. They can interact with, and have an effect on
us, while remaining invisible to non-clairvoyants. This makes it very
difficult for most people to know they are experiencing LVE influence.
Living in a society that refuses to acknowledge their reality also
means that most people aren't aware that these things even exist, and
so people go on suffering needlessly. There are a few tell-tale signs
that can clue you in to the influence of entities, even if you aren't
clairvoyant. The following are the most common behavioral traits
associated with entity influence:

Resistance: Do you feel strangely resistant to things that you think
might help you? Is it harder to do things than it should be? Do you
look for excuses to avoid things and get easily distracted from the
things you feel resistant to? Harmful entities will do anything to
keep you away from something that can impact your situation and make
you happy. They resonate to, and feed off of, the lower emotions of
anger, pain, misery, etc. If they can keep you stuck in this energy,
they can keep themselves supplied with all the energy they need.

Overreacting: Do you seem to overreact to trivial things? Do you get
absurdly angry and tend to feel drained later? Do you get abusive and
hostile when you feel threatened? LVEs want you to damage
relationships and close down the door to healing. They want you to
become isolated so there is more unhappiness for them, and less
opportunity for you to get freed from their manipulation. If they can
influence you to overreact and push people away, leaving you alone and
miserable, they've killed two birds with one stone.

Self-Sabotaging: Do you overreact over trivial details and tend to
blow up at people that can help you? Do you get abusive so the door of
aid closes, or do you simply avoid and deflect having to face what's
being said so you never have to face your own responsibility for your
situations? Do you get distracted and forget about things you need to
do? The more you sabotage yourself, the more you limit your potential.
You wont be able to get out of your problematic thinking, emotions, or
behavior, and you will continue to feed these parasites. Over the
years I've seen many people in my practice suddenly exhibit very
bizarre behavior, becoming abusive or deflecting blame onto me, over
the most trivial is situations. It's like they suddenly have a
dramatic personality shift. These people are manipulated to shut the
door between us and lose the opportunity to have their entities
removed. It's surprisingly common to see people getting triggered to
sabotage their healing and is a very sad part of working as a healer.

Always Feeling Stuck: Are you always feeling stuck like you can't get
anywhere? Does it feel like you are always banging your head against
the wall? LVEs want to keep you feeling weak and exhausted. The more
helpless and overwhelmed you feel the less likely you are to find the
strength to fight back. They often attach to the Solar Plexus and
drain people of willpower, keeping them stuck in addictions and other
harmful behavior. People battling mental and physical illness,
alcoholism and drug addictions, anorexia and eating disorders, and
many other things, commonly have entities attached here, keeping them
stuck. Getting these negative entities removed often helps the client
move forward in their therapy or 12-step program.

Problems Understanding Others: Do you have problems understanding
what people say to you? Do things often feel like a personal attack,
making you feel defensive? Is it difficult to understand where people
are coming from? Entities will block your ability to understand others and
will try to create difficulties between yourself and others in an
attempt to isolate you and make you feel alienated. They will try to
make you believe no one can love you, so you dwell in bitterness and
come across with a chip on your shoulder.

Problems Expressing Yourself: Do you have problems reaching out
and asking for help? Do you hide in the shadows on Facebook, never
offering your opinion, too afraid to Like something that your friends
my judge you for? Do you worry excessively about what other people
think and say about you? Do you have trouble confronting people or
discussing issues? Entities will attach to the Throat chakra and alter
the things you say without you even realizing it. They will get you to
push away everyone who can help you. They will make you feel like you
have to hide your light and keep silent. They will shut you down. You
may feel a knot in your throat and feel tight and constricted in that

Severe Personality Shifts and Inexplicable Mood Changes:
Do you have inexplicable mood swings that come over you suddenly? Do
you ever experience strange compulsions? Do you sometimes feel like
someone else? Are you an avoidant personality that often feels desensitized
and empty? Do you tend to 'float' instead of feeling grounded in your
body? This is one of the most obvious signs of possible entity
influence. When LVEs attach and begin to influence us it can be
experienced as personality or mood shifts. Obsessive behavior,
fixations, emotional outbursts, and strange compulsions are good
indications of entity influence. Especially when the other traits are
present, this is a really great sign that you could be dealing with
possible influence. Further, people with a natural psychic ability
called "trance mediumship" naturally vacate their bodies easily. They
create an open space, or 'gateway' that can allow these beings inside.
People with this ability should take classes to close it down and
control it because it is a very harmful ability that can lead to
possession. These people tend to experience influence to a much
greater degree, even to exhibiting the behavior of schizophrenia. Of
course, working with a qualified mental health expert to make sure
your situation isn't mental illness is important.

If you think you might be experiencing entity influence, there is
hope. Working with a clairvoyant energetic healer can help you
identify and remove any negative entities. It is important to work
with a clairvoyant who works with free will to help you break the
subconscious contracts that allowed them to attach. If your
practitioner doesn't do this, they, or others like them, will come
back and attach. If you are exhibiting more than three of these
'symptoms', you have a good chance to experience a more extreme Shift
when you have them removed. Most people experience this as sudden
relief, lightening, relaxation, clearing of energy, and feeling more
like themselves. Clients will often tell me that they feel like new
people, see the world differently, and that people see them

Make sure you are asking for guidance to be lead to the right person
to work with, and find someone who has a money back guarantee and many
testimonials from happy customers. This will increase your chances of
having a great experience that can change your life!

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Erin Heaven is a Clairvoyant Healer assisting people around the world to reclaim their lives and live it more fully. Having pronounced psychic abilities from the age of 12, she has over 24 years experience using her psychic abilities to help others.

Using clairvoyant abilities to see the blocks in your chakras and energy field right over the phone, Erin Heaven helps you to release them and free yourself from the burdens that are blocking your life. She is so confident in her ability to help you, as she's done with hundreds of people from around the world, that she offers a Money Back Guarantee!

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