The advancement in the field of technology has changed the education system drastically. It has become more student-centric than before. Schools give special emphasis on improving the learning experience of students. This is majorly implemented via a digital platform by which students can learn in an interactive way.

What is an Educational Assessment Software?

An educational assessment software serves the purpose of self-learning or teaching. It is a tool that is computer-oriented and tests the student in a virtual environment. It provides an overall assessment of students and helps in their overall growth. Based on the results, teachers can assist the students in analyzing and correcting their mistakes. It allows the tutors to prepare them for the outside world. Time-to-time assessment can help an individual immensely. The online test software is beneficial for the teachers too. It gives them the authority to create and assign questionnaire as well as analyze their results. The students can access these exams with a click of a button on any digital platform such as laptops, tablets or even smartphones. Depending on the requirement, the software systems can be proprietary or open-source.

Key Features

The implementation of online test software has been advantageous for both tutors and learners. This technique has been widely accepted and appreciated. The online assessment has become a crucial part of modern-day schooling. Some of its salient features are listed below:

Interactive learning: Platform online test helps students to learn interactively. They enable them to analyze their mistakes and amend them. It assists them in their continuous growth. Tutors can prepare online quizzes so that learners take part actively. They can also prepare game-based tests to interest the students.

Easy to Use: The biggest advantage online assessment software has over offline tools is that it doesn't require any software installation or downloads. All you need to do is create an account and you are good to go. The interface is also very easy to use. You can also use ready made questionnaires and quizzes.

Various question types: While preparing a test, a tutor can use a variety of question types such as true/false, fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, one-word, match the following etc.

Cheating controls: Most of the online exam software have cheating controls that restrict a student from using unfair means. They try to maintain the integrity of the test. Setting time limit, shuffling of questions are some of the options.

Automatic Evaluation: Mettl Psychometric assessments saves tutors from the pain of evaluation. Calculating scores and giving grades is a tedious process and if not done carefully can result in an erroneous result.

Various languages: With the help of online assessment, teachers can create the exam in various languages.

Accessible at all places, all the time: These online educational assessment tools can be accessed anywhere, anytime. It provides the learners with the flexibility of time. They can take these on computers, tablets or smartphones.

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