Summary: Human wisdom tends to centralization and building big government. The European Union isn't working well, and it's an omen for what's coming under UN control. There's better information that could help us avoid serious trouble.

Wisdom is looking at life from a biblical perspective. The European Union poster suggests their intent to rebuild the Tower of Babel culturally for Europe to become "one voice."

Genesis 11 shows the scattering of people with various languages to areas where those of the same language could get along better. Europe has been going against the Bible plan of geographical areas for people of the same culture or language and they are beginning to pay a high price for doing so.

The United Nations is more of the same. It's an inept monstrosity with the intent of global government by nations that can't get along with themselves, so how should we expect those nations to like UN peace-keepers in an effort to enforce a different set of laws?

Behind it all is a Vatican plot to regain the dominion they lost in the Old World from the Protestant Reformation. America was largely founded by men and women who risked death at sea and again in the wilderness of a New World to escape papal persecution, as foretold in Revelation 12:6.

The UN is represented in Revelation 13 as a "beast" (political power) that looks like the previous beast that early Americans believed was the papacy--Old World Order. We are coming to a New World Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum below the pyramid on our $1 bill).

In Revelation 17, we see the image beast (UN) ridden by a woman, but it's not the Bride of Christ. She's an impure woman involved with politics (kings and world governments), dress in scarlet and decked in gold (a wealthy church) and Mother of Harlots (other impure churches that no longer protest her). She is “drunken with the blood of saints” and sitting on seven hills (Rome).

World leaders like to think they can be the savior of their people by solving problems. In this case, the pope has many Catholic nations who will vote his agenda and many others that think he may be the best bet.

But if Catholicism is so great, why are so many people in the south wanting to come to the only country that began as a Protestant nation? Why are they in so much poverty and ignorance when they were colonized by priests the same time America began?

The Bible warns against what's coming and we would be wise to slow up America's role as a melting pot for every other culture with problems. We can do better without UN enforcing martial law (as has been threatened in Congress) when things go out of control.

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Dr. Richard Ruhling is an author and speaker on topics of health and Bible prophecy. His ebook, The Alpha & Omega Bible Code has mostly 5-star reviews and is available cheap at