Dear Brother Francis,

Please pardon my lack of exalted titles or formality you usually get, but Christ said, “call no man Father” and “all ye are brethren,” Matthew 23:8,9. Please also forgive me for breaking the principle of Matthew 18:15—I should have come to you first, but not being Catholic, I asked a Catholic friend what he thought of my letter. He liked it so well, he posted it without my consent; I'm sorry this isn't “personal.”

I’m a Protestant, writing to you as the probable head of a global government, to suggest the only basis for stability of government—it is the law of God which the Bible says is “perfect, converting the soul,” Psalm 19:7. If I had to repay four sheep for one that I stole (Exodus 22:1), it would convert me.

Conversion is the perfect solution to man’s prisons wrongly called correctional facilities, when they don’t usually correct anything and paroled murderers often do it again. This is why they were executed as per biblical law, “life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,” Exodus 21:23,24.

Execution was also done for sexual impurity—fornication, rape or adultery, Deuteronomy 22:13-30. Taking this position would have a serious benefit for societies worldwide and would also reduce your church’s legal battles. I didn’t find where homosexual acts were to be treated this way, but God called it an abomination and He executed Sodom for “parading” it (Isaiah 3:9 NIV) as we also do in the US.

I’m also writing to express concern over your worship of Lucifer. You may not know it, but that was the angelic name of Satan before he coveted God’s position in Isaiah 14:12-14. He deceived a third of the angels, caused war in heaven and was cast down to this earth, Revelation 12:7-9. Why cast to earth?

Because if God obliterated him (without an opportunity to demonstrate his claims for unrestricted freedom to do as anyone pleases), then all the other angels would have worshiped God from fear of being wiped out too. God is love and He chose to allow a demonstration in a controversy between good and evil (God and devil). And yes, Satan showed his true principles by murdering Christ on a cross and since then, filling the world with persecution, war and trouble—but it’s coming to a dramatic end…

You can, even at this late date, choose to cast the devil out by appealing to Y'shua (true Hebrew name of the Savior). “The times of this ignorance God winked at, but commands [us] to repent” Acts 17:30,31.

If so, in your intention to do right, you may die suddenly as John Paul I (only 30 days a pope, made the mistake of telling his intention to make changes?) but it is better to die on God’s side than the devil’s. Please think about it—forever is a long time.

We will know you are serious when you take steps to exalt the law of God as the only basis for sound governments worldwide. Most thinking people see the world is falling apart for want of wise laws, like the image in Daniel 2 shows the kingdoms of this world crumbling as God sets up His kingdom—a word that means dominion of a King by His wise laws. May God bless your effort to bring reforms; He cannot bless what He has cursed.

With Every Good Wish,
Richard Ruhling

PS: You might like to move from the Vatican. The name means “divining serpent.” See Revelation 12:8. Jerusalem would be a nice place after Zechariah 14:1-3.

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Richard Ruhling, MD is retired and finds greatest interest in Biblical prophecy for end-times. He recommends additional insights to Islam and the papacy at For more information, He also recommends a recent ebook, The Fall of America, at