Sometimes this subject arises in my private practice, among spiritually-based business owners working to develop compassionate detachment:

“Energy vampire” is a term used to describe manipulative or needy individuals who are said to steal the energy of others by tiring them out, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and/or mentally. What if we reframe the concept out of victimhood and into an empowering paradigm? How?

Change the label from, “vampire,” to, “sieve.” An energy sieve would be something into which you could pour your energy if you so chose. A sieve holds no power of its own. It cannot impose itself on you or steal from you. You must participate by making the choice to divert your energy into it.

Assert your choice! Set and hold clear, healthy boundaries instead of allowing encroachment. Take back your power. It’s yours! Make an intentional decision for where to invest your energy. Then honor yourself and your path by maintaining your own center.

Will it take time to develop the habit of honoring yourself more deeply? Of course! Keep the big picture and long-term results in mind. Choose to devote the time it takes for you to learn new communication skills that convey clear, healthful boundaries. You’ll create a fulfilling life that is yours rather than dictated by victim mentality. The more you choose to stop being a door mat and step into who you were meant to be in this life, the more the world benefits from the unique gifts that you bring. And the happier YOU will be!

For basic boundary-setting tips: "Are Toxic Friendships Disrupting Your Business?"

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Miracles and blessings,
Dr. Renee

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