The subtitle of Malachi Martin's best-selling “Keys of This Blood,” indicates that the super-powers are involved in a three-way struggle for world supremacy. The book may have overlooked our 500 point stock market crash a month after John Paul's visit in 1987.
With the take-down of the Berlin Wall and Communism, orchestrated by President Reagan and John Paul, it looked like the west was supreme until Pope Benedict visited the US in 2008 and the economy crashed months later.
While the pope's visit and the economy may not seem related, an undisclosed source said her son was high up in the hierarchy of priests and he visited the Vatican every 2-3 weeks. He said in 2008, Mother, before the elections, life in the US will change forever. Things will never be the same.
With the economy on edge and another pope coming, we should be prepared for “change,” even as Obama also promised change in 2008. But aren't we seeing more change than we want?
We might get off this merry-go-round if we could turn the clock back to what made America great for hundreds of years before the womb became the most dangerous place in America and a small minority wanted to redefine marriage.
Speculation on the pope's proposed visit suggests flowery words and another effort to change our historic focus. He has already expressed a desire to see us re-distribute our wealth. If his system is so great, why are all the countries south of our border (colonized by Spain and dominated by Rome for at the same time of America's development), so poverty-stricken and illiterate?
On a visit to Colombia and Venezuela in 1960, this writer found virtually everyone wanting to come to America someday. When I arrived in Venezuela, there was a huge Communist demonstration for the president of Cuba who was arriving at the same time.
Catholicism seems to be breeding ground for economic and political discontent. In that context, people prefer Communism's promise to share equally  with everyone instead of our historic focus of liberation to be responsible for our own welfare.
A great example is a 10-year old black girl, now CEO of Bee-Sweet Lemonade who accepted $60.000 for a quarter share in her business after an interview on Shark Tank at
Another good example is Ben Carson who was an angry young man in Detroit, but came to the top because he changed his attitude and quit blaming others for his choices.
Speaking of Detroit, we might not understand how it happens, but Karen Hudes, World Bank whistleblower says Detroit's tax-dollars go by treaty to the United Kingdom and then are transferred to the Vatican Bank. Hear her at the 7:30 point,
Shouldn't there be some investigative journalism and reporting of how this works? Another example is the $2.3 Trillion missing from the Pentagon budget announced by Rumsfeld. Was his announcement knowingly planned for the eve of 9-11 so there was no follow-up?
America is hemorrhaging, and now the pope is coming to help us get morality and virtue to discover our social responsibility?    
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