P.I.P. is Personal Injury Protection which is part of your auto insurance policy. It is designed to take care of you immeditately after an accident.

ALWAYS use your P.I.P. . .

* PIP covers medical bills, a portion of your weekly lost wages, and for household care and cleaning.

* Your insurance company, by law, cannot cancel your policy for using your PIP.

* If you have no rejected PIP coverage in writing, then you are deemed to have it.

* Your insurance company, by law, cannot increase your insurance rates for using your PIP.

* Open up your PIP claim immediately! If you wait you may find yourself paying for expensive medical bills out of your pocket until your claim is settled.

* PIP is no-fault, so it doesn't matter who caused the accident, you're still covered.

* PIP coverage is for 3 years or $10,000, which ever comes first. Some polices have higher limits.

* There is NO deductible.

* If you have coverage on your auto policy your medical bills get paid on time and you can maintain your treatment schedule uninterrupted.

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Written by the offices of Graham, Lundberg and Peschel.