This is a fresh look at coming events as seen by the prophets--Musa and Isa (Quran). Their writings show how we may be part of the kingdom in the coming time of judgment. Judgment implies separation, like the wise and foolish virgins were separated in Isa’s teaching because the foolish weren’t ready. What do their writings teach for our time?

When he was asked about the end of the world, the prophet Isa said Jerusalem would be destroyed. He was citing another prophet who said the houses would be rifled and the women ravished; half the city will go into captivity. This is punishment for Jews not seeing Allah’s plan.

That destruction at Passover (historic time of judgment in the tawrat) should signal the message of Isa coming as Bridegroom (Injil) and it will mean judgment on the US which has aborted 60 million babies--worse than Egypt but Allah did judgment and took believers to a covenant that he considered like marriage. As faithful believers, we can be the wise virgins that become part of his kingdom as taught in the Injil.

The need for a covenant with Allah is taught in the Tawrat by Musa, the most frequently mentioned prophet in the Quran. It says the Middle East is for the seed of Abraham--his descendents. After Jerusalem’s destruction, Allah will fight against the nations that go against his plan but those who have the principles of Isa and Musa should get along in peace and unity as they study the writings of the prophets.

Let us watch for Jerusalem’s destruction in the coming spring. Passover is the historic time of judgment. If we see it, we should watch and pray a month later when Isa may be expected to return in judgment on the US for their failure to live according to Musa. The Supreme Court has Musa and the 10 Commandments over its entrance, but the court has re-defined marriage to include what Musa said was an abomination. They will be judged.

Isa’s return in judgment a month after Jerusalem’s destruction would prove that he was the master in his last parable who took a long journey (to heaven) and is returning for judgment according to the law of Musa for 2nd Passover, Numbers 9:10,11. That’s when we should watch and pray. If an earthquake shakes the US, we will know it is according to his words as a prophet.

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Dr. Richard Ruhling writes on current events and prophecy