When Christians announce the time of God's judgment, perhaps it should be with Good News of how to avoid the judgment that is coming. While “anything can happen” and it seems like “anytime,” in Bible times, God said, “I will execute judgment” in the context of Passover, Exod 12:12.

That's why Paul said, “Of the times and seasons, brethren, you have no need that I write, for you know perfectly the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night...sudden destruction comes” (on those who do not watch), 1Thess 5:1-3. The destruction is probably a huge earthquake. The Hebrew prophets also linked “the day of the Lord” to an earthquake (destruction), Joel 2:10,11; Zeph 1:8,10; Zech 14:1,5.

“Watch” doesn't mean read the latest posts on this or other websites. It's translated from gregoreo, and it means to be awake. We can't be awake every night, but Passover was the only time it was enjoined for all, Exod 12:10; Matt 26:38-41. They were to pray that God would pass over them in any judgment that fell.

In Bible times, they also killed a lamb, but since Christ fulfilled the animal sacrifices as “the Lamb of God,” (John 1:29), we don't need to sacrifice lambs, but watching--being awake to pray--is supported by many texts, we just forget that the context for judgment was Passover.

The disciples were probably thinking of Passover for the judgments Christ was describing in Matthew 24 when He said, You don't know the day or hour. It was probably an idiom for “it's not like you think.”

The Greek word for “know” (oida) means to be aware or understand. Christ was saying they didn't understand, and each time He said it (3 times), He gave an example that fit a provision in their law for Passover a month later “as in the days of Noah” when the Flood came with Passover timing, but in the 2nd spring month as specified in Numbers 9:10,11.

Noah entered the ark on the 10th day, the same day the sacrifice was selected in Exod 12:3. When people didn't accept Noah's invitation to enter, they selected themselves for sacrifice.

When five women missed the wedding, Christ said, You don't know...watch, for the kingdom of heaven is as a man traveling to a far country.” Matt 25:13,14. Most Christians are not familiar with the law that specified Passover a month later for a long journey, Num 9:10,11.

Christ was going to heaven (long journey) and His return in judgment should conform to the law that He said was in effect till heaven and earth passes, Matt 5:18.

The bottom line is that judgments can happen at anytime, but Judgment from God and “the day of the Lord” will be initiated by a huge event at Passover--probably 2nd Passover in the spring. Maybe 2015?
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But economic collapse and martial law could come first. Friday, September 26, is the end of the 3rd quarter. It's the new moon, the Feast of Trumpets (Lev 23:24-28) when anciently they blew a trumpet for 10 days till the Day of Atonement. On October 1, 2008 (new moon crescent) when the US Senate met to approve $760 billion for bankers and the stock market crashed for 10 days. That was a warning; this year could be the real deal and the end of our freedoms.
When the books of Daniel and Revelation begin, both Daniel and John were in captivity. (Us too?)

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