Companies with new software needs often ask themselves an important question: use cloud software or order custom software. Choosing between one option or the other depends on a whole series of factors: the size of the company, the budget, the existence or not of a cloud program in the market that meets the automation needs of the company, etc.

In any of the cases, we want to present to you in this post a comparison between the disadvantages and advantages of custom software, since it will not always be the most convenient for your company to bet on the development of a custom program.

The advantages of custom software
Offshore software development has been and continues to be the first choice for many companies. Large companies or companies with significant complexity that require the development of a customized program.

Among the main advantages of custom software, we find:

The program will be tailored specifically to the specific needs of the company.
It allows you to combine and adapt different software to share data and work from a unified environment, increasing productivity and efficiency.
It can be implemented through modules, since it is not always necessary to develop new software, but to add or implement new code in the existing software.
It is more flexible and is more adapted to the company than the already packaged programs, which often do not provide the option of customization.
However, not all are advantages in custom software, as we will show you.

Disadvantages of custom software
High costs: the costs of software development can skyrocket due to the great complexity they sometimes involve. This means that many SMEs and micro-enterprises never opt for this modality and prefer a management program in the cloud or licensed programs.
Existence of a cloud solution in the market: why wait so long to obtain custom software, when there are already solutions on the market that we can test and use in a matter of minutes?
Custom programs can present errors very frequently, since they have not been implemented until now. On the other hand, software in the cloud has generally been tested and updated dozens of times before being launched on the market, in addition to continuing to offer new updates.
Custom software development must be done under control so that no time and cost are wasted due to the implementation of features that are not needed.
For these and other reasons, many companies see cloud solutions as more flexible and tailored to their needs than investing in custom software.

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