A New Year and a new life. That's why it is important to make resolutions that you intend to accomplish THIS YEAR! Whatever you decide to add to your list, big goals or small ones setting things up right is essential for you to succeed. Here are the secrets for you to make resolutions that you can achieve.

Start by creating a long wish list of what you would like to accomplish, be daring, think of all the things you really would love to succeed with this year. Write down all your ideas. Let them sit overnight and then look over them the next day. Now, prioritize them, decide after analyzing your list which are most important to you. For the ambitious individuals, you may have a list of ten things, others may have only one, two or three items. OK, now take a clean piece of paper and write down your list from most important down. Under each item make a add a note, what is going to be your personal reward when you accomplish this goal and how you intend to punish yourself if you fail to make progress. At the bottom of the page create a brief timeline noting when you expect to reach important goals. This is now your resolution list, things you see as your potential that you intend to reach.

Announce your intentions to the world. Tell your family and friends what are your resolutions and when you expect to achieve them. Alright, to get yourself going, psych yourself up, visualize your achievements, build up your motivation and determination. Put up your list where you can see it often and think about how to make progress. Sometimes it's good to find objects that symbolize your goals to be another reminder of what you plan to do. Resolutions are supposed to have an impact through all 365 days of the year. The idea is that you have made a commitment to yourself (and perhaps others) to invest your energy to transform your potential into manifested realities. These good intentions must be planned and monitored so they do not join the trash heap of lost fantasies.

Follow rule number one, never give up! Keep your mind focused on your goals. Remind yourself how important your plan is to you. We all know that it may be difficult to break free of old patterns, but it is always possible. If you invest the right effort, you will succeed.

Here is the summary of how to make your resolutions stick!
• Write down your list and prioritize your goals, pin it up to look at it frequently.
• Clearly identify how you will reward your success or punish your lack of progress.
• Get support from friends and family, tell everyone about your plans and ask for encouragement along with your own motivation to succeed.

Wishing you great success in the New Year!
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John Ryder, PhD


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