In this article, I'd like to share a subliminal persuasion technique that is very simple and effective, yet most people overlook its potential.

Are you aware that nothing could be more pleasing to people's ears than hearing their own name being spoken? It gives them a sense of individuality.

Mentioning their name is also a sign of respect and recognition. The shift is subtle, but very significant. It makes your request more personal and makes the person feel more involved.

If your name is Cathy, which of these statements would you rather hear?

"Cathy, could I borrow this book?" or simply "Could I borrow this book?"

Of course, if your name is mentioned you will feel somewhat special. You will feel well liked by the person. It's like you're being treated as though you are unique or one-of-a-kind.

That's why a simple subliminal persuasion technique such as mentioning their name can really spell the difference between influencing a person or not.

To remember a name easily the first time you hear it, associate the name with something familiar and say the name a few times to commit it to memory.

People's names are so important to them that they tend to place much value on certain places, things, and career decisions associated or somewhat identical with their name.

My friend Eugene is taking a course in Geography. Another friend named Venice is fond of going to Venice, Italy. Coincidence? Not quite.

There was actually a study by social psychologist Brett Pelham and his group where they found that the name, or even just the first letter of a person's name, affects their career path.

So people with the name Archie are more likely to become architects than lawyers. And even individuals with the name Vanessa are more likely to become veterinarians than teachers. Now you don't have to wonder why Bob became a builder.

But it's not only limited to career decisions; they also found that people are attracted to things related to themselves. So how do you apply this subliminal persuasion technique?

Well, if you're taking a client out to lunch, you could go to a restaurant that sounds similar to their name. Or if you'd like to score brownie points with your boss, you could give your newborn daughter the same name as your boss... unless of course, you despise your boss so much that just hearing their name makes you want to throw up.

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