Summary: Bad idea to bring Ebola to America when it was confined to Africa and could be treated better there. Ebola is a virus disease and the body’s own immunity can be helped by Vitamin C, fasting, simple diet, fever treatments. Colloidal silver may not help viruses, but may prevent secondary infection (not a miracle).
Modern medicine loves limelight and heroics with huge $$$ attached. So we want to bring patients from Africa to America. It’s as if we are smarter than everyone else and can be heroes. Never mind the huge risk, like the recent CDC fiasco of exposing employees to anthrax. Now it’s Ebola! Talk about yearning for the apocalypse as our government thumbs its nose at God on numerous issues…
Ebola is characterized by capillary fragility and internal bleeding–the same conditions that exist with scurvy and Vitamin C deficiency. Large doses may be life-saving to sustain the body until its immune system can overcome the virus. Vitamin C is water soluble and goes out in the urine, so instead of massive doses once or twice a day, taking some around the clock every time one urinates they should drink water and take Vit C.
#1. Ebola is caused by a virus. There is no antibiotic cure for viruses because they are obligate intracellular organisms. That means they don’t travel in the blood stream and aren’t affected by antibiotics.
#2. They taught us in Preventive Medicine that Moses wrote the first comprehensive health code. It includes quarantine and some villages during the Black Death—Bubonic Plague were spared in medieval times when they instituted quarantine. This virus so far, is confined to Africa. We’re sorry that a doctor and hygienist went there and contracted the disease, but they took that risk, We are not obligated to bring them back. Leave the disease in Africa.
#3. A century ago, the best and brightest people went by trainloads to Battlecreek Michigan where Dr. John Harvey Kellogg’s hospital used alternatives. He wrote a book four inches thick, titled Rational Hyrdrotherapy, and they gave patients various forms of water treatments along with diet reforms that did not include bacon and eggs. They invented corn flakes and popularized peanut butter. Kellogg’s brother Will, took the cereal recipes and did well with them.
If I had ebola, I think I would restrict myself to fresh fruits and berries high in Vitamin C, anti-oxidants and bioflavenoids and take fever treatments with contrast cold which can double the white blood count. Fasting also enhances the phagocytic index—the ability of the white cells to engulf germs. Taking activated charcoal tablets or capsules can adsorb toxins that the body wants rid of. They are non-toxic and inexpensive–should be in every “medicine cabinet” and most drugs in the cabinet shouldn’t be there!
I did this once while working Emergency Room and suddenly noticed I was getting the flu. 20 minutes in a HOT tub got my temperature up to 102.5 followed by a cold pour front and back—felt good, ate no supper and took no medicine. Did it again at 11 PM when patient load dropped off and in the morning all my symptoms of scratchy throat, head and body aches and chill were gone.
I got the idea from medical microbiology because they taught us that many viruses are killed or arrested better with fever, which is why infants often get fever, but we stupidly fight mild or moderate fever with Tylenol instead of giving fluids which should be all that’s necessary for fevers up to 104. Some small infants that are not given enough fluids can have a convulsion which is frightening and if a child is prone to seizures, fever may need to be kept below 104.
All of the above could be done in Africa. But medical heroics is like Washington DC–try to tell them anything and you are wasting your breath.

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