Bad breath is a concern for many people. They may not feel comfortable around others and might not want to speak to anyone. Luckily, there are different things an individual can do to change their circumstances, like using probiotics for bad breath.

What Are Oral Probiotics:

If you've been keeping up with medical news or information then you might already be knowledgeable about probiotics. But if you aren't aware, probiotics are helpful organisms which are intended to fight against bad breath. The idea is to take bad bacteria, which is causing your issues, and replace it with good ones so your breath is much better.

How Do These Good Bacteria Work:

The bacteria that triggers your bad breath can be traced to issues in the digestive system. This region is known to be highly infested with "digestive bacteria" which play a vital part in metabolic processes. Bifidus and Lactobacillus are two examples of germs found in the digestive track. They can create problems if present in other places in the body, like bad breath, for instance.

Since the bad breath comes from the activity of the organism, then replacing them brings a significant change to mouth odors. Examples of good bacteria which counteract the effects of bad bacteria and make the breath better are S.salivavarius M18 and S.salivarius K12. Once in the mouth, these probiotics organisms make an antibacterial peptide which targets the previous strains of bacteria which cause bad breath. The bad breath bacteria dies due to the peptide attaching itself to it.

Is There Any Research That Support Probiotics For Bad Breath:

In the 1960's, scientists in Sweden showed that as much as 30% of the population had useful microbes in their mouths. That number has changed over time to a mere 10% percent. Diet change is said to be the reason for this. Scientist have determined it's because we don't eat as much fermented food like we use to. Another reason is the use of preservatives in foods that, not only eliminates bacteria in the food, but also in the body as well. So it's understandable why, if you're experiencing bad breath, that the use of probiotics is needed.

Research published in the European Journal of Pediatrics explained in detail that innocuous E.coli strains can get rid of bad breath odors due to gastric gases. Another study was done by Japanese researchers who determined that utilizing a strain of bacteria called Lactobacillus salivarius can also combat bad breath. It was a month long study and the individuals involved had bad breath. It was establish that the sulfur-producing compounds had lowered a great deal.

The use of probiotics for bad breath was further reinforced when a different study released in the Journal of Applied Microbiology stated that volatile sulfur compounds, which result in bad breath, decline significantly after being introduced to strains of probiotic bacteria. Further studies also show that introduction of another strain, Streptococcus salivarius, into the mouth can also lower sulfur levels and this results in better breath.

Probiotics Advantages:

Comprehensives research has gone on to show that probiotics for bad breath works in altering status of your mouth. Probiotics can promote a healthier mouth, while at the same time, eliminating bad bacteria. This natural method of replacing one type of bacteria with another has been viewed with great interest in the fight against bad breath.

Good bacteria can resolve other oral issues as well. It isn't just bad breath that can be treated with good bacteria. Research has proved that oral care probiotics are an excellent way to conquer the issues of bad breath by reducing the bacteria that causes it. Other uses for oral care probiotics include strengthen the body against gum disease, cavities, and sore throats.


Studies that have been made on the development and use of probiotics for bad breath clearly show that this interesting answer holds the step to the success of oral care. There are several products available now that promoted the effectiveness of probiotics. And there are several on-going studies using probiotics. Using probiotics is great way to end your bad breath concerns.

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