Take care of yourselves, your body and your family and friends, with much love

Both the vitality level and the energy level of our bodies are affected from the way we live our lives and from the way we treat our bodies. We are influenced by the food we eat, the drinks we sip and consume into our bodies and the physical activities that we do.

These are all in turn influenced by the level of happiness and love that we have in our lives. And so it is important to be aware and to take responsibility for the way we feel and live.

It is recommended and important to choose to eat healthy nutritious foods filled with vitamins and minerals which build your livelihood and health. And so it is important to eat whole grains, vegetables and legumes,chicken and fish.

It is important to drink water, healthy drinks such as water, natural juices and teas. It is also recommended to give up drinking artificially sweetened drinks such as sweetened sodas or drinks with caffeine.

It is important to do physical activity and it is recommended to find your favorite one that is right for you, you can subscribe to the gym in your area, you can walk the neighborhood, park or beach or you can go to a dance class.
It is nice to do physical activity together, find a friend so you can give each other motivation, or do it alone and perhaps you can meet a new friend with him

you can enjoy the activity, oh what a good life…

This might seem like too much of a strain, but the rewards, my friends- are priceless!!!

Think about it… your vitality and energy level will raise sky high!

You’ll be healthier, more radiant, beautiful-looking and joyful.

Just try it and see for yourself. Enjoy!

I wish you a good and healthy life, filled with love and satisfaction.

Hagit Dayan

Author's Bio: 

Creator, writer, artist, entrepreneur, a happy person
Founder of the website www.lovehappyliving.com the website that was founded to fulfill her dream of creating a place that is all about good, loving, joyful and healthy living.
Author of the book "Love, Life, Joy", Co-Author of the cook book "Tasty and Healthy"