Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal that encases the spinal cord and nerve roots of the spine. It often occurs in the lower back and the neck. This condition mostly occurs in adults who are 50 & older.

We discussed with the best spine doctors in Delhi, who recommended taking proper diet, regular exercise, meditation and physiotherapy. Physiotherapy treatment in Delhi can help with spinal stenosis by implementing a series of neck, head and even eye exercises that train your CNS (central nervous system) to combat these pains. Physiotherapy centres in Delhi provide the required physiotherapy for neck pain by well experienced and trained cervical spine specialist.

Some people with spinal stenosis may not have symptoms. Others may experience symptoms like:

  • Pain
  • Tingling
  • Numbness in legs or buttocks
  • Balance problems
  • Leg or arm weakness
  • Lower back pain while standing or walking

Causes of Spinal Stenosis

The most common reason for spinal stenosis is arthritis. It’s a condition caused by the breakdown of cartilage. Conditions like osteoarthritis can also contribute to spinal stenosis. The inflammation they cause can also put pressure on your spinal cord.

Other major causes include:

  • Herniated discs: If the cushions in the spinal discs are cracked, material can seep out and can put pressure on your spinal cord or nerves.
  • Injuries: An accident may fracture or inflame part of your spine.
  • Overgrowth of bone: With such condition, your bones grow abnormally large and brittle, which results in narrowing of the spinal canal and nerve problems.
  • Tumors: If cancerous growth touches the spinal cord, you may get stenosis.

The best spine clinics in Delhi provide spine treatment which include different therapies or exercises like spine specific exercises, medications, help in losing weight, and occupational therapy as well as physiotherapy in Delhi.

These clinics have doctors for neck pain and back pain are specialists to provide the required spine treatment to a patient according to their medical condition. If several months of conservative treatment have not provided pain relief; it’s better to visit a spine care clinic and get spine treatment from a spine specialist.

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