An N95 mask is a fairly commonly used, short, abbreviated version of an N95 respirator, which generally is a respirator that filters down to one micron. These masks are being manufactured following the guidelines and formulation of the U.S.A National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). They have a capacity of filtering 95% of air particles as from here only they have the term called N95.

The year is at the edge of ending and we have passed the whole time struggling to survive from the Coronavirus. The pandemic has hit everyone globally and took millions of lives and many more became homeless and foodless as a lockdown was applied in almost every nation. With the start of this year, we encountered the deadliest pandemic of this generation. The spread of Coronvirus was too quick and in a matter of a few days, it reached o people of most of the nation. Millions around the world lost their lives and many more than that lost their livelihoods due to the lockdown everywhere. Without the vaccine, the use of a face mask has become our initial tool to stay protected.

Benefits of wearing an N95 mask

1. Respirators protect the nose, mouth, and throat from the effects of particles and gasses. They protect the chest, abdomen, and diaphragm from particles and gases.

2. Respirators protect people from breathing in the substance that causes illness.

3. Also, a respirator can also protect people from inhaling harmful particles in the air.

4. Respiratory respirators filter the air that goes through the breathing area. They also protect from irritants in the air.

5. They cover the breathing area. In addition, the respirators keep the individual from inhaling dust and particles. Dust and particles can get into the breathing area and enter the bloodstream and lungs if they are not filtered out. When an individual in the dust and particles that are airborne.

6. The respirators can block out the harmful particles in the air and the breathing area. If you think someone has a cold or cough, you can try to check for the presence of mucous. In the breathing area.

7. Protection from the air that comes through the breathing area can prevent illness and injury.
Basic Properties of an N95 mask.

8. The filter performance of these masks is very high as they can reduce 95% of the dust particles.

9. The flow rate of air is also ideal as the air will flow at 85 L/min while wearing the mask.

10. Inhalation-resistance maximum pressure drop is 343 Pa.

11. Exhalation-resistance maximum pressure drop is 245 Pa.

12. The testing agent to check the functionality of these masks is NaCl (Sodium Chloride).

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