A beautiful smile is what gives your face, an adorable look. A failure in maintaining your oral health may spoil not only your looks but hinder your eating routine as well. You might be thinking how does it affect eating habits. The answer is quite simple. It is because of the dental treatment that may follow the incompetence of meeting the eating routine.

In short healthy teeth support you to consume the food you like, hence good care must be taken to ensure excellent oral health.

Tooth decay


Enamel is the hard, outer coating which covers up the teeth. Your teeth get covered with a thin film of bacteria every day, called dental plaque. The plaque bacteria produce acids harming the enamel and leading to the formation of cavities. Though brushing and flossing the teeth can prevent its decay, you need to visit a dentist to get it fixed once a cavity forms.

Make sure to use a toothpaste that includes fluoride in the toothpaste to protect it from decaying. Higher exposure to the risk may demand a little more fluoride than normal usage. A fluoride treatment may form to be a part of the prescription by the dentist when you visit a dental clinic in Berwick.


Gum disease


The plaque build-up along and under the gum line is the beginning of gum diseases. This further results in the formation of infections that hurt the gums and bones that help in holding your teeth and keeping them intact. Making your gums tender, the existence of gum disease may get them bleeding. This problem termed as gingivitis can get fixed by brushing and flossing the teeth regularly.

Periodontitis is an extended form of this gum disease that needs treatment by the dentist without delay. This disease, if left untreated, can ruin the gums, bones, and other tissues that support your teeth, which will make your teeth removed in the long run.

Perform the following actions for the prevention of gum diseases:

  • See to it that you brush your teeth twice a day with a toothpaste bearing fluoride
  • Floss a time daily
  • Get a regular check-up and cleaning by the dentist
  • Make sure to consume a balanced diet
  • Get rid of smoking



Severely damaged teeth may demand a replacement. In such cases, false teeth or dentures serve to be a great help. To fill one or more than one tooth, the dentist fixes partial dentures. Initially, the dentist will call you frequently to make sure the dentures get fixed well. Eventually, the gums change shape, and dentures may need adjustments or replacements. Do not skip the dentist visits to ensure the required corrections.

Wearing dentures may make it harder for you while consuming hot foods, and drinks, hence you need to be very careful after carrying them. It won't be wrong to say that you need to learn to eat after having worn them.

To keep eating an easy task for you with dentures, consume soft, non-sticky food. See to it that you eat food after slicing into small pieces and chew it using both sides of the mouth.

Ensure taking proper care by cleaning and keeping it free from food causing stains, bad breath and swollen gums. Brushing them with a denture-care product is also a necessity. Lastly, take off the dentures out of your mouth at night, soak them in a denture-cleansing liquid or water.

A routine clean-up


A daily care routine for your teeth may limit visits at the Pakenham dental clinic. So make sure to brush them gently from all sides in a circular motion, short back-and-forth strokes. See to it that you do not miss flossing and rinsing after you floss. Also, never should you neglect the cleanliness of the tongue.

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