A wise friend of mine shared a mantra she uses to maintain conscious of her creative process. It goes like this, “ORDER IT UP!” What order it up means, is that every second of every day your thoughts, words and actions dictate what you are “ordering” from the universe. Think of it like you are ordering from a menu of experiences.

The amazing part about “ordering” is that you can actively participate in ordering your life, or you can abdicate your ordering process to another, by consenting to their choice for you. Or, you can resign yourself to a random process, and let the chips fall where they may. What this ordering tool really accomplishes is to keep you conscious.

The economic turmoil we are experiencing right now is not the problem in our lives. Economic turmoil is the symptom of our spiritual bankruptcy. Suze Orman said it the best when she said “PEOPLE FIRST, MONEY SECOND, THINGS THIRD”. We have not lived the correct order of prosperity.

We can blame Wall Street, the mortgage industry, George Bush, Bill Clinton, whomever. Ultimately, we all have contributed or agreed to participate consciously or unconsciously in the financial condition of our lives and our country. Until our economic condition reached crisis proportion, we were uninterested in evaluating our intentions or our creative contributions.

I have compassion for those experiencing loss. It is no fun to lose. Clearly, many of us still prefer to learn through discomfort. As a culture, we have had an insatiable appetite for products and lifestyle expansion. We have lived outside of our means. We have been sleeping through our lives with no regard to the ramifications of the energetic contributions we have made to our families, our communities and our country. In my view this is a blatant definition of spiritual bankruptcy . Reckless disregard of our intentions and our contributions to creative force.

In terms of the energy of prosperity and money, the universe is indiscriminate about who receives prosperity. Whoever can play the energy game effectively gets prosperity. You don’t necessarily have to be a good person, a generous person, or a caring person. One way or another you have to have a sincere and honest relationship with money. One thing is clear to me. In order to create money you must care about it, and you must care about yourself. Those two pieces are non negotiable energetically. When Suze Orman said “treat money like a cherished friend” she meant it. You really have to do that to create a prosperous vibration in your space. People who love self, even ego centric individuals often have prosperity. They understand consciously or unconsciously about the focus and commitment to self necessary to be prosperous.

Recently I saw Rush Limbaugh on a Barbara Walters special. I have nearly no ideological similarities with him. Barbara Walters posed the question to him “here we are in a recession, and people are losing their homes, and jobs, and you just received a $100 million dollar signing bonus, and a salary of $38 million a year. How do you explain that?” His response was “I choose not to participate in the recession.” Although I don’t resonate with Rush Limbaugh’s ideology, he clearly has it right when it comes to money. He wants it, he believes he deserves, and he will claim it as his right. He remains unaffected by the external.

One step in the process that many metaphysicians skip over is the step of actively claiming what is theirs. We forget to actively work the energy in our space to “claim our good.” Creating prosperity is not a passive process. The energy of prosperity moves very fast. It is very open. Passiveness is not open, or fast. It resonates on the same level with apathy. Lack of caring. Be awake, and be aware of what is in your creative mechanism. Be ready to shift, adjust, expand and change as necessary.

Another famous speaker is Joel Olsteen. He is an evangelical Christian minister. Again, I do not agree with him ideologically on many issues. However, when it comes to prosperity, he gets it right. He says “God wants us to be prosperous and have wealth.” “What I tell people is rather than putting your energy into your worries about your condition, put your energy into expecting God to provide for you, because that’s what “she/he” wants to do for you.”

Just because we are metaphysicians and we understand much about social justice and why expansive vibrations are important, we need to work on remembering to ground our prosperity space. We have to claim it. We have to open ourselves to it. We have to expect Source to provide it to us. In the process we have to love ourselves enough to believe we deserve it.

Look at your energetic life as a mathematical equation. If you only have 100 units of energy per day, and you spend 80 units of energy worrying, and fearing your circumstances then how much energy can you possibly have to create prosperity? Take the time to do the math in your own life. Do the math regularly. Practice “ordering it up” in your life to remain conscious. Our relationship with Source is always one of contribution. One exchange of energy for another. Be conscious of this relationship.

This year, 2009, when the energy of money and prosperity begins to stabilize again. Take the steps to ensure you are creating what you truly want to manifest in your life and in the world. Look at your creations/experiences. They will tell you where your true intentions lie. Clean up your creative mechanism. Stay awake in your life. Be conscious. You will live more authentically, happily and prosperously.

Have a wonderful New Year. Order up a good one! I look forward to talking and sharing with you over the coming year.

Author's Bio: 

Phyllis is the author of two books. Her latest work is A Psychic Perspective, 10 Steps to More Love, Wealth and Personal Happiness, (including a 30 Day Plan to Jump Start Your Life). She is the host of the radio talk show, The Common Sense Psychic. She is a professional psychic entering her 30th year of private consultations.

Phyllis’ first memories of being psychic occurred around age five. She recalls waking in the night to see “dancing” beings in her house. She didn’t know that it was right or wrong, or different. No one in her family spoke about these types of occurrences, and she never mentioned it. It simply was an event that occurred. To this day, Phyllis has a unique ability to see the truth for what it is. Just the truth. There is no judgment around the truth. In her words “it is what it is”.

In her early teens she began to have precognitive dreams. She would see the details of many types of events. When she would awaken, in short order those events would come to pass. Again, she never mentioned this to anyone. It was an event that occurred at age 19 that changed her motivation and direction forever. She was visited by a friend who had passed in a car accident. She describes the experience as beautiful, with no sense she needed to be afraid. In those moments, she knew unequivocally there was more to life than what we can see, touch and feel. She was driven to understand the “unseen” and her own innate talents.

Phyllis has lived and pursued psychic phenomenon, and spirituality without pause for nearly 30 years. Although learning never ends, she believes she has some answers to some questions. It is her passion to share this information with others in search of their own truth. She has read thousands of people in 20 different countries.

Phyllis considers psychic reading to be an honor and a privilege. She views it as sacred when people give her permission to look at their secrets and hopes, their flaws and their dreams, all with the purest hope of connecting more fully with the nature and essence of who they are.

She lives in the San Francisco Bay area and regularly guest hosts the popular personal growth program, “Seeing Beyond” with Bonnie Colleen. She offers workshops and appears regularly at local events and festivals in the Bay Area.

Phyllis has used her skills in the corporate world, the private sector, in nonprofit work. She has held positions as CEO/Executive Director, Marketing Director, and Human Resource Manager. She uses her intuition and skills as a consultant for corporations and individuals in business applications.