This is a moment in the universe when the highest dreams are possible. This is a moment in the universe, when awakening and transformation are possible. To bring about a great transformation, a critical mass of energy must be present. This critical mass may be of consciousness or matter or momentum, yet it is a propulsion towards a shift. You and your planet are moving toward that critical build-up of energy where a new shift in consciousness is very possible.

We, in the Akashic, have seen this momentum before. We have seen it in a leap towards greater mass awareness in many different star systems and civilizations. We track those shifts and all shifts in the Akashic Records. We hold the records of all consciousness and their journeys in life. We have seen many different methods through which a new shift in awareness and deeper understanding has unfolded. We know that your planet and all of Her inhabitants are heading for the critical mass that can create a supreme shift in consciousness filled with bounty and blessing.

We address to you now, because in this time of great opportunity your choices will certainly outweigh your intentions in manifesting the world you truly seek. Many have said to you that your intentions will create what you desire. This is only partly true. Your actions, in alignment with your intentions and your clear wisdom, will create the world. There are many ways in which to manifest things. You are poised at a particular time in cosmic reality when you can harness the energy and direct it towards blessed transformation and spiritual community.

"The choices you make and the actions you take will manifest the truth of your being."

We want to clarify this, so that each of you has a clear opportunity to participate in manifesting the miracles that you seek for yourselves and your world. Your actions and their results reveal facets of manifestation. If you profess your love for another person and yet your actions undermine their confidence, well-being and joy, then you are not in the activity of love. Love inspires and instills confidence, well-being and joy. If your relationship or your love for another and with another brings them doubt, insecurity and fear or dread, then love is not present. You may intend to love that person, but these intentions do not have the clear energy of love and are not promoting that love in this instance.

Therefore, if you want honor and appreciation and peace and bounty in this world, you must bring about those qualities and circumstances through actions. Your intentions will not manifest these properties and will not bring about the changes necessary to disintegrate the clouds and illuminate your world with clear, Divine light. Your personal and collective intentions can guide your understanding and your search, but it is your actions that will liberate your hearts and your world.

It is also important to discover your own way, your own path in these choices and actions. This is why we agreed to Lumari"s request to interview us in her/our book "AKASHIC RECORDS" and this is why we agreed to speak with you through Lumari, today. Your personal clarity and deep knowing is also needed for this transformational shift. As the Akashic, we hold the information about your journey. We keep all manner of information and vibrational alignments within our care. Perhaps it is time for you to learn more about your deeper inner being, so you may align with your own path as you align with the new shift in consciousness. In this way, you will act from your spiritual integrity and make choices and take actions that are in harmony with the brightest light you each hold.

We speak of this so you may fully participate in this awakening. When you walk within your own truth of being and you make choices aligned with your highest awareness, then the actions you take will help bring about the miraculous shift in awareness that you have come to earth to enact. If the awakening succeeds, then you will know that you have focused your energy and actions on this great shift. You will know, deep within your essence, that you have helped and guided this shift towards a blessed and glorious event of consciousness. Clear choices, united with your deeper purpose will generate the mindful actions. These mindful actions will focus the higher consciousness into the critical mass that will enliven your individual essence and your world with the stream of Divine energy for pure illumination.

We thank you for opportunity to address you in this manner.
In Clear Light, The Collective Keepers of Divine Expression

May you be ever-present to Receive and Create Miracles

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Lumari is a spiritual teacher, channel, psychic and author. In her book “Akashic Records: Collective Keepers of Divine Expression,” Lumari, channels direct communication with the Akashic and reveals the great body of wisdom within their care. Her book, "Alawashka, Language of Creation," is a compelling exploration of humanity, universal healing and spiritual awakening. To learn more about Lumari's books, workshops and consultations, visit

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