Laura Mora's latest book, "Kidney Stones Remedies" is packed with information for people with kidney stones or people looking to prevent them.

Laura is pleased to present her kidney stone remedies and her latest book at This book offers a complete overview of kidney stones and how they affect the body. She describes all the common symptoms that most individuals experience. She goes on to tell how these stones are formed in the body and why. After gaining this incredible knowledge she then explains many of the treatment options that are available.

Laura herself suffered from kidney stones and wanted to rid the pain without the use of medications that the doctors where recommending. She set out to find all the information possible on this topic. She spent countless hours researching and digging to find something to help her. She has collected all her knowledge into this one book. She is sharing the kidney stone remedies that worked for her.

Read about the most commonly prescribed prescriptions and what surgical procedures are performed for kidney stones. The best part of this book is the kidney stone remedies that she offers. These herbal and homeopathic treatments worked for her and they can help you.

In her book she discusses factors in one's life that can be increasing the risk of getting kidney stones. Some of the topics are poor eating habits, smoking, drinking and a lack of an exercise routine. All of these factors can be putting you at a high risk for kidney stones. Learn simple things one can do every day to help reduce the risks.

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Author's Bio: 

Laura is a college professor, teaching since 1997. She graduated from UNAM in 1987. In her spare time she studies health topics and exercises to stay in shape.